Applications will not be accepted, nor will cohorts be formed, during the period of 1 April, 2021 through 31 July, 2023. 

Quick Facts

Delivery: Onsite

Credit Hours: 90

Admissions: TBA

Delivery: Cohort format to military ID cardholders in Europe


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The Doctorate in Organizational Leadership (OL) offered by the University of Oklahoma provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the topics, theories, and research critical to the professional success of leaders in a multitude of different organizational settings. This is a research-based degree program that prepares students to contribute, through their scholarly work, to the body of knowledge and theoretical foundations of their chosen disciplines and apply this knowledge in the workplace.


OU's finest, internationally recognized faculty travel to Europe to teach courses for the program. The value of the cohort model is recognized when students support one another in their pursuit of the PhD. The ultimate success of any PhD program depends on how successful it is in training scholars—specifically research scholars. The OU cohort model, taught face-to-face by OU campus faculty members, has a proven record of success. 

The design of the program allows students to explore a variety of relevant fields and then to apply each field to their areas of interest. For example, students may focus their applications on public and private organizations, educational administration, curriculum development, organizational administration, public administration, human resource management, or other areas of personal and professional interest.

Program Type

A cohort of 25-30 students is admitted at the same time as a result of a rigorous application and screening process. Members of each OL cohort must take their program courses (except for the elective) together as a group as each course is offered. Six cohorts are now in progress with the sixth having begun in the fall of 2010.


The University of Oklahoma has established the following minimum qualifications for admissions into the doctoral program. Meeting these qualifications does not guarantee admission into the OL program but rather is used to generate a pool of applicants who meet all necessary requirements.

The most qualified students will be selected from this pool for interview and then final evaluation for admission to the cohort program. The University of Oklahoma retains the prerogative to determine whether applicants are qualified for admissions to the program. The minimum qualifications are:

  • an earned master's degree from a regionally accredited university
  • at least a 3.4 GPA for graduate course work attempted
  • demonstrated potential to complete scholarly work and meet the rigors of a doctoral program
  • propensity to work in groups in an intensive academic environment
  • personal and professional goals compatible with, and likely to be met through, the degree program
  • excellent oral, written and electronic communication skills
  • research interest congruent with the expertise represented within the core faculty group
  • Millers' Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) results (not more than five years old).


The doctoral dissertation is the final and most important component of the series of academic experiences that culminate with the awarding of the doctoral degree. Three major functions are fulfilled by the dissertation experience:

  • Dissertation must be of original research, making a contribution to the existing body of knowledge.
  • Research will demonstrate the candidate's mastery of research methods.
  • Dissertation will demonstrate the student's ability to address a significant intellectual problem arriving at a successful conclusion.

Following sufficient course work to adequately prepare the student and aided by the major professor, the student will select a dissertation topic, preferably early in the program of study. The initial enrollment in 6980 (Research for Dissertation) must be for at least two credit hours. Following the initial enrollment in 6980, each student must then maintain continuous enrollment through the University in at least two credit hours of 6980 during each term while working on and completing his or her research. Students have up to five years to complete their doctoral dissertation and present their defense.

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Courses are taught in an accelerated format and class days and times vary. Please see course syllabus for accurate information regarding your course. The number of credit hours you take each semester should be discussed with your advisor and reflective of your personal and work schedules.