Sooner Flight Academy offers teachers and other organizational leaders the chance to excite their students’ interest in math and science through our engaging, interactive and hands-on programs. Whether you’re interested in giving your class an off-campus experience at the Sooner Flight Academy hangar, or you want us to bring one of our entertaining and education programs to your class or school, we have what you’re looking for.

Sooner Flight Academy School Programs

We offer a variety of hands-on programs that we can bring to your school or organization. Our events will help your students gain an appreciation and excitement for the real-world science that surrounds them every day.

You can choose from the options below or contact us to create a custom event!

Hands-On Science Activity for a Single Classroom

Designed for classes of up to 25 students, our classroom activities can be up to two hours in length and feature a unique scientific principle or application—from Newton’s Laws to the Four Forces of Flight to how Martian Rovers work.

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School-Wide Assembly Science Demonstration

Our 30-minute interactive Assembly Science Demonstrations are fun, interactive events that include lots of audience participation, as well as multimedia and hands-on aspects.

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Campers learning about the runway.
A camper building a model propellor.

Ticket to Tomorrow Program

Ticket to Tomorrow is our hands-on, interdisciplinary program for 5th graders designed introduce students to the exciting world of aviation and aerospace education. This program can serve up to 288 students in a single day.

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Family STEM Night

Whether you want a single activity to enhance your school’s pre-planned STEM Night or you need us to coordinate the entire event, we offer an array of aviation-related activities—from the Bernoulli Principle to Robots on Mars to Aviators in History.

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Scheduling a Class or Group for SFA Programming

To schedule a program for your school or organization—or to receive a quote—simply click the Activity Request Form button for your chosen activity and fill in your organizational information. Answering the questions on the form will give us an idea of the type of activity you are interested in. Once we have processed your request, we will contact you to start customizing your program.