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Why did the airplane get sent to its room? Because it had a bad altitude!

But seriously, to keep airplanes from having altitude and a host of other problems, pilots turn to aviation mechanics—also known as A and Ps. Listen to what my friend Robert has to say about being an A and P. 

Are you curious about how airplanes fly or wonder how flight can be made more efficient and cost effective?

Aerospace engineers, the scientist-architects of aviation, work to solve these and many other issues every day. Join our friend and Sooner Flight Academy Alum, Alex, as he gives you an inside look at his job. 

Sooner Flight Academy

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Did you know that there are many paths a pilot can take?

In addition to flying for the military and airlines, pilots can fly for corporate departments. Bryce answers a few questions about his own career as a professional pilot in the video below. 

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