Each level of Cardinals camp will be offered once this summer.

Registration for our 2021 Summer Camp dates opens on March 1.

The cost to attend a Cardinals camp is $325 per camper.

Cardinals 1 — Age 8 as of June 1

Cardinals 1 is a five-day virtual online camp for children who are 8 years old by June 1. Weather is the theme of the camp.

Learning about how the water cycle works with terrariums gets this camp going. Virtual pre-flights and parts-of-the-plane lessons will help these campers understand why pilots keep an eye on the weather. Rockets, windsocks and anemometers are just some of the hands-on fun these campers will enjoy. Many of your toys/ kits/supplies will be a part of your SFA package delivered to you.

Cardinals 2 — Age 9 as of June 1

Cardinals 2 is a five-day virtual online camp for children who are 9 years old by June 1. Electricity and Communication is the theme of this camp.

Hands-on kits will help these campers learn what circuits do and what they need to work. Communication is explored with water waves to demonstrate how radio waves work to allow communication between pilots and the ATC towers. Exploring magnets and how a compass works helps campers learn about the earth and navigation. Many more hands-on activities will be a part of this fun camp. Many of your toys/kits/supplies will be a part of your SFA package delivered to you.

Summer Camp Daily Schedules

Campers will start their day at 10 a.m. by interacting with their camp navigator and fellow campers for approximately one hour via a live Zoom session. During this session, the camp navigator will introduce campers to that day’s activities, conduct science demonstrations and offer guidance on self-directed projects.

Campers will have the opportunity to ask questions and contribute their knowledge during these sessions. All lessons and videos for the camp can be accessed through Canvas. This material will also guide the camper through how to use the supplies which are included in their SFA camp package. Some common household items and tools (not provided by SFA) will be needed in addition to the SFA camp package. A list of these items will be sent in advance of camp. Canvas material can be accessed 24 hours a day and will be available for 30 days after the camp session has ended.

Campers and navigators will meet up again at 2 p.m. and have another hour of interaction, going over that afternoon’s activities and getting to know each other better. Break-out sessions will allow smaller group interaction and the ability for more focused discussion and demonstrations by the campers. A virtual graduation ceremony will take place on Friday at the 2 p.m. Zoom session.

Registering for Summer Camp

To register your child for a Sooner Flight Academy Summer Camp or Day Camp, you must first create a Registration Information account. This account will not only allow you to register your child for Sooner Flight Academy events, it will also let you track your child’s history of engagement with Sooner Flight Academy.

To create a Registration Information account, just click the registration link for the camp you want your child to attend. Here, you will be prompted to enter a username and password for your account. If you have previously registered a child for a Sooner Flight Academy camp, your current username and password will still work. If this is your first time registering a child for one of our camps, just click the link to create a new login to get started.

Once you have created an account, you can then click the Add a Child link to add a child to your Registration Information account. A child must be added to your account before they can be registered for a camp.

Once your child has been added to your account, you can register him or her for any available Sooner Flight Academy camp by clicking the Registration link in the left-hand menu.

Please be advised — You can return to the registration form if you are unable to complete it, but we encourage you to fill out as much as possible. An incomplete registration will not hold a spot in camp until it has been completed and submitted, and the registration fee of $25 is paid. If you check the scholarship box, proceed to Step Two – where the scholarship form is filled out. Please be advised that an incomplete scholarship form will not be considered for an award.

If you desire to pay with a school account such as Epic, do not hit the scholarship button.
Once you submit the SFA registration, you will be given the option of checking a box saying you want a school account can pay the balance. You will then proceed to an external payment site, where you complete the registration and payment of $25 non-refundable fee.

OU Faculty, Staff and Students
If you are a faculty member, staff member or student at the University of Oklahoma, please use your OU Net ID and password to create your account. If you are faculty, staff or a student at the OU Health Sciences Center, please use your OUHSC credentials to create your account. 

If you have additional questions about registering for a Summer Camp, visit our FAQ page.

Summer Camp Payment/Cancellation Policy

Registration for all SFA Vitual Summer Camp Sessions opens on Monday, March 1, and requires a non-refundable application fee of $25. Registration will remain open until the Monday morning of each camp session.

There are two payment options:
•    Option One – Pay your non-refundable application fee and camp balance in full when you register for a camp.
•    Option Two – Pay your non-refundable application fee and apply for a partial scholarship when you register for a camp.

If you apply for a partial scholarship, you will only pay the non-refundable application fee at the time of registration. The remaining balance will be added to your account after the scholarships have been awarded.

The partial scholarship application deadline is Saturday, May 1.

Scholarship awards will be announced via email by May 15. Recipients must email their acceptance letter by May 21 for the scholarship amount to be deducted from their camp balance. The remainder of the balance is due by May 28 to secure their spot in their chosen camp.

Please check the Scholarship FAQ section of our FAQ page for more information about applying for scholarships.