Ticket to Tomorrow Program 

Ticket to Tomorrow is a hands-on, interdisciplinary program for 3rd-5th graders designed introduce students to the exciting world of aviation and aerospace education.

Young "Astronauts in Training" travel through the "Base Omega" space environment, experiencing scientific principles and applying math skills in four 30‑minute lessons. Enthusiastic instructors facilitate the learning stations throughout the program. Using interactive toys and activities while moving through inflatable space stations and shuttles, students gain an awareness of the wide variety of career possibilities in the aviation/aerospace industry and develop literacy in aviation/space technology.

Ticket to Tomorrow travels throughout the state, motivating students with the exciting world of aviation/aerospace education while they role-play being astronauts. Hands-on, interdisciplinary lessons capture student interest, reinforce the need for knowledge among all disciplines and provide instruction in math and science.

Ticket to Tomorrow can serve as many as 96 students per two-hour program for a total of 288 students per day. Whole school districts or a combination of districts can be served, as well as smaller groups. The program is designed for 5th graders, but can be modified for 3rd and 4th graders.

Scheduling a Ticket to Tomorrow Program

To schedule a program for your school or organization, simply click the Activity Request Form button and fill in your organizational information. Answering the questions on the form will give us an idea of the type of activity you are interested in. Once we have processed your request, we will contact you to start customizing your program.