Hands-On Science Activity for a Single Classroom

Hands-on Science Activities are single classroom activities that can be up to two hours in length and are designed for up to 25 students.

Let us bring one of our exciting hands-on activities to your classroom:

  • Newton's Laws: Experience the three laws of motion by exploring nine interactive stations that will have the student asking questions, looking at possibilities and coming to conclusions about how things move.
  • Bernoulli's Principle: Using several fun, hands-on activities, students discover how making air move faster produces the low pressure needed to achieve lift for anything that flies.
  • Four Forces of Flight: This fast-moving group activity introduces students to Lift, Thrust, Weight and Drag—four forces that effect everything that flies!
  • GPS Scavenger Hunt: Using hand-held GPS receivers, students will learn how and why the satellites orbiting the Earth deliver the information needed to determine the student’s location on the surface of the planet!
  • Martian Rovers: Students will use R/C toys (dressed as space rovers) to simulate the experience of controlling a rover on the face of the planet Mars!

Scheduling a Hands-on Science Activity

To schedule a program for your school or organization, simply click the Activity Request Form button for your chosen activity and fill in your organizational information. Answering the questions on the form will give us an idea of the type of activity you are interested in. Once we have processed your request, we will contact you to start customizing your program.