Field trip students learning about fueling planes


Field Trips offer schools, scout groups, sports teams and other groups a unique educational experience at the Sooner Flight Academy hangar, located at OU’s Max Westheimer Airport in Norman, Oklahoma.

Choose from Three Different Levels of Field Trips!

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Level One – One hour in length

Level One field trips include a personalized tour of OU’s Max Westheimer Airport and a guided pre-flight inspection of OU training aircraft.

Visiting a live airport and getting inside a small airplane is pretty much a dream come true! Many people never get up close to small aircraft, much less get to sit inside and put their hands on the yoke, but your students will get to do that and more! Using a model airport, students will learn how our airport works and then get to do a pre-flight. Pre-flighting an aircraft is a pretty grown-up thing to do, but your students will get to be a part of checking the aircraft for safety and making sure it has fuel. Take home items include an SFA paper airplane.

Level Two – Two hours in length

Level Two field trips include a guided pre-flight inspection of OU training aircraft and hands-on science lessons and demonstrations.

Level Two field trips start with the level one activities and then add more! Your students will receive a toy airplane that they will label with the parts of the plane terminology and learn a bit about the control surfaces of an airplane, as well as how they achieve flight by learning Bernoulli’s Principle and the Four Forces of Flight. Take home items include the toy airplane and Four Forces activity toys.

Level Three – Four hours in length

Level Three field trips feature rocket science! Students will participate in all Level 1 and Level 2 activities in the morning. During a 30-minute lunch break, they will watch a video about the Fascination of Flight and learn about SFA’s summer camps. Level Three tops off its activities with students building and launching model rockets and learning about rocket science and Newton’s laws of motion. Take home items include a toy airplane, a rocket (if retrieved after launch) and Four Forces activity toys.

Scheduling a Field Trip

To schedule a Field Trip for your school or organization—or to receive a quote—simply click the Activity Request Form button and fill in your organizational information. Answering the questions on the form will give us an idea of what type of activity you are interested in. Once we have processed your request, we will contact you to start customizing your field trip. (To reserve a field trip date, a “Minors on campus” form and a $100 minimum non-refundable deposit will be required. The deposit will be applied to the customer invoice balance once event takes place. Please fill out the activity request form- link is on this page- to initiate the field trip process.)

If you have questions, please contact Sooner Flight Academy at (405) 325-1635 or email us at

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