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There is a $25 non-refundable application fee which must be paid in full at the time of registration. Your balance due must be paid in full 14 calendar days prior to your camp session start date.

There are three payment options at the time you register.

  • First option is to pay both the application fee and the entire camp fee up front.  The application fee is not refundable but the camp fee is refundable if you decide to cancel at a later date.
  • Second option is if you decide to apply for a scholarship, you will only pay the non-refundable application fee at the time of registration.  The remaining balance will be added to your account after the scholarships have been awarded.
  • Third option is to pay only the non-refundable application fee at the time of registration and pay the remaining balance for the camp at some later time no later than 14 days prior to your child's camp.  This is helpful if the camp fee is being split amongst multiple people.

In either of the last two options, the balance must be paid seven days prior to the start of your camp session or your child's reservation will be cancelled.  To pay a balance remaining after you have completed the registration process, you must either mail a check or call in with your credit card number to our CCE Registration and Records office. Their phone number is (405)325-6808. There is no ability to pay a balance remaining online.

After registration is confirmed, cancellation requests must be received in writing (email is acceptable).

Cancellation requests received seven or more calendar days prior to the beginning of your camp will result in a full refund (except for the $25 non-refundable application fee). 

Cancellation requests received less than five calendar days prior to the beginning of your camp will result in a cancellation fee of $100 being applied to your account. The difference (except for the $25 non-refundable application fee) will be refunded to you.

Please allow four to six weeks for refunds to be processed.

There will be no refund for cancellation requests received after camp has begun. 

If there are no longer any spots available for the camp you wish to register for, you may register for the waiting list for that camp or you may register for another session of that camp. If you register for the waiting list, you will only be charged the $25 application fee. If a spot becomes available, you will then be asked to pay the balance of the camp fee. If a spot never becomes available, your $25 application fee will be refunded. If a spot opens for you and you elect not to fill it, your $25 application fee will not be refunded.

If your camp session is cancelled due to low enrollment, your camp fee will be refunded.

If you must drop your camper off late (after the official start time) please contact Sooner Flight Academy staff. Otherwise we will be calling to make sure your camper is okay and still coming.

If you must pick your camper up early (before the official end time) please come into the building and find the program director or assistant to sign your child out. You will need your photo ID to sign your child out.

Age cut-offs for various programs exist as a result of certain Federal Aviation Regulations, university policies, and grant requirements.  If your camper has already attended the oldest camp he/she is eligible for, please email us at flightcamp@ou.edu and describe your circumstances. We try to avoid campers attending the same camp twice.

You qualify for the Member Rate Discount if you are on faculty or staff at the University of Oklahoma, or you are a full-time student at the University of Oklahoma. If you are faculty, staff, or full time student at the Health Science Center, please be sure to use your OUHSC email address when you login to register.

Sooner Flight Academy partial scholarships are based on need but have no pre-determined income requirements.  The only eligibility requirement for a summer camp partial scholarship is to be registered for a session of summer camp.  We cannot consider any partial scholarship applications without a corresponding summer camp registration.

The partial scholarship application deadline is May 1st.  NO applications will be accepted after May 1st. Partial scholarships may be awarded if additional funds become available.

If you cannot attend summer camp with the amount awarded and need additional scholarship funds to attend, please include that in your acceptance/declination response.  This does not automatically cancel your registration.  You may choose to stay registered waiting for additional funds to become available.  If you choose to cancel your registration, please see Summer Camp FAQ about cancelling your registration.

If you select the Extended Day Curriculum option during summer camp registration, you can drop-off your camper each morning as early as 7:30 a.m. and pick-up your camper as late as 5:00 p.m. 

Extended Day curriculum is not available on Friday afternoon of summer camp. Your camper must be picked up by 3:30 p.m. on Friday (our graduation ceremony starts at 2:45 p.m.).

If you cannot pickup your camper by 5 p.m., the University policy requires us to contact the OU Police Department.

If you did not select the Extended Day Curriculum option during summer camp registration, but drop-off your camper before 8:15 a.m. or pick-up your camper after 3:45 p.m. on any day we will enroll you in the Extended Day Curriculum and charge the $50 to your account.

Field trips to the airport and programs conducted off-site at schools or other organizations that are based on a per student or per participant fee must have a minimum participant committment 7 calendar days prior to the event.  This is so that the Sooner Flight Academy can properly plan for staffing and materials.  Cancelling an event after this cutoff may result in a $100 cancellation fee.