In light of the ongoing pandemic, EDI will be taking some additional measures to keep our attendees as safe as possible. Below, you’ll find some information about our event, as well as some action items you can take prior to attending. 

  • If you are able, we encourage you to get vaccinated. If you are unable to vaccinate and would prefer to attend another event in the future, please email or call our offices, and we’ll reschedule you with no charge (if by September 30). 
  • All sessions will be socially distanced as much as the room will allow. Additionally, all meeting rooms and spaces will be sanitized at the end of each class. 
  • Masks will not be required for this program. However, if you are more comfortable wearing one, we strongly encourage you to do so. In order to properly accommodate some of our staff and instructors, there may be certain sessions and programs where you will be asked to wear a mask. If so, we will provide those for you. If you’d prefer to not participate in a session that would require a mask, please let us know, so we can properly accommodate you. 

We will also be implementing a STOPLIGHT system at EDI. At registration, you’ll be asked to select a color that will display your comfort with interaction at the event. You can select GREEN, YELLOW or RED. You’ll receive a dot on your name tag, as well as a wristband that will show others what level of social interaction you’re most comfortable with:  

  • GREEN (also symbolized with a circle): Green signifies you’re comfortable with hand shakes, high fives and other interactions with attendees at events. We do ask you still wash your hands and use hand sanitizer around popular spaces, like break areas or anywhere we’re serving food. 
  • YELLOW (also symbolized with a triangle): Means you’re still being cautious. Only use elbows when greeting others. We’ll have separate seating for those with a yellow designation in each room. 
  • RED (also symbolized as an octagon): Means no contact. Maintain six feet of distance and wear a mask when interacting with you. We will have additional seating for those using a red designation. We can also have separate meals and break services to limit as much social interaction as possible. Please let us know your comfort level is at a RED, so we can properly accommodate you. 

We want EDI to be as safe as possible, and we encourage everyone attending to be mindful of your fellow attendees and respect their spaces, as well as comfort levels. During the event, if at any time you feel uncomfortable, notice anything that might be problematic or start to feel sick, please notify someone on the EDI staff.

Download the EDI Social Bands PDF

For additional information on the University of Oklahoma’s response to COVID-19, please visit this link