In addition to the online degrees offered by OU Extended Campus, the university offers several other online master's degrees and graduate certificates from various colleges across campus. Because these degrees are offered by other OU colleges, tuition, fees, and admissions processes will vary. Please check each degree or certificate for full information.

Learn more about these master's degrees and graduate certificates:


OU Law -

MLS in Indigenous People’s Law -

MLS Oil and Gas Energy Law -

MLS Healthcare Law -

MLS International Business Law

OU Price EMBA -

OU Price MAcc –

OU Price Finance -

OU MA Global Affairs –

OU MS Civil Engineering -

OU MES Hydrology -

OU MSW (and Advanced Standing) -

Library Information Studies –

Natural Gas Energy and Management –

Special Ed –

Data Science and Analytics -


Online LLM in Energy and Natural Resources -

LLM Indigenous People's Law -

LLM in US Legal Studies -