Let’s face it: life gets busy. Sometimes it feels like your schedule controls you, not the other way around. At the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies, we believe online education should adapt to your schedule. It’s your degree on your schedule. 

We know you have questions. So, here are the answers to some of the most common ones:

How many hours are required for the degree?

OU Online Undergraduate degrees require 120 total hours. [Note: 60 of the 120 hours must come from a baccalaureate (four-year) institution. At least 30 hours must come from the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies.]

How much wIll an online program cost?

Tuition and fees depend on Oklahoma residency, non-residency, and affiliations with the United States’ military, as well as certified sworn-police-officer statuses.

What if I have an associate of arts or sciences degree?

All lower-division, general education requirements are fulfilled if your degree is from a regionally-accredited, Oklahoma institution. If your associate’s degree is from out-of-state or is an applied science associate’s degree, we will evaluate the credits on a course-by-course basis.

How long will it take to complete my degree?

Typically, students complete 30 credit hours per academic year over the course of five, eight-week sessions. If you have questions about how long it will take to complete your degree, Future Student Services is happy to evaluate your transcripts.

When do classes start?

Our eight-week sessions tend to carry consistent calendar dates as follows:


  • First eight weeks:  August – October
  • Second eight weeks:  October – December


  • First eight weeks:  January – March
  • Second eight weeks:  March – May


  • Eight weeks:  June – July

Will my credit hours from my previous institution(s) transfer to the University of Oklahoma (OU)?

Credit hours from regionally-accredited institutions will transfer into our program. We will review credit hours from nationally-accredited schools on a case-by-case basis, determining if credit will be applicable towards any OU degree.  

Typically, the university does not accept college credit from nationally-accredited institutions.

How many hours can I enroll in per semester?

The maximum number of credit hours a student may enroll in one semester is 19. This breaks down to nine credit hours per eight-week session. This nine-credit-hour enrollment-limit is applied to the summer term, as well.

Is the College of Professional and Continuing Studies accredited?

Yes. The college is a part of the University of Oklahoma, which is a regionally-accredited institution through the Higher Learning Commission.

Is the College of Professional and Continuing Studies affiliated with OU?

Yes. We are the second largest of the 20 colleges within the University of Oklahoma. 

Will life and work experience transfer?

We do not accept life or work experience. However, military and law enforcement training may apply.

Are financial aid and scholarships available for online programs?

Yes. Financial aid and scholarships are available for those who qualify.

Do I need to be online at a certain time?

No. In your courses, you will need to meet assignment deadlines as outlined by the faculty member. However, you do not need to be logged in at the same time as your classmates or your professor.

How are course administered?

All course material is available online, and all student assignments are submitted through our web-based learning management system (Canvas LMS). The courses are set up in five, eight-week sessions, and assignments are due when required by the faculty member.