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The Minor in Organizational Leadership is a 15-hour program that can be completed 100% online. You’ll take three courses ─ Leadership in Organizations, Measuring Human Performance and Social Processes in Education ─ plus two leadership electives of your choice.

Every organization requires effective leadership to succeed, and organizations give those with the ability to lead greater responsibilities and career opportunities. A minor in organizational leadership will provide you with knowledge and skills that will help you become a better leader, along with the ability to grow the leadership capacity of the organizations with who you work. Leadership matters today more than ever. We encourage you to enhance your career opportunities and improve your organization’s performance by adding an organizational leadership minor to your degree.

This minor is available to all degree-seeking students at the University of Oklahoma and is delivered 100% online. Talk to your advisor to learn more!

Required Courses

  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Measuring Human Performance
  • Social Processes in Education

Organizational Leadership Minor Planning Sheet



To learn more or add a minor to your program, please contact:

Rebecca Stroh for Diversity minors: pacsadvising@ou.edu

Emily Arias for Organizational Leadership minors: pacsadvising@ou.edu


Program Website