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Credit Hours: 15

Deadline: September 21

Classes Begin: October 17

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This undergraduate certificate is available to students at the University of Oklahoma and is delivered 100% online. Please contact an OU Extended Campus advisor to learn more and register. If you are not a current OU student and you have questions about applying for admission to the University of Oklahoma, please contact Missy Heinze at mheinze@ou.edu or (405) 325-0559. 


The Undergraduate Certificate in Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Analysis introduces students to crime trend analysis and intelligence analysis. These are core functions of law enforcement and security operations that frequently support and augment criminal and security investigations. This program is also available to Criminal Justice students seeking extra credentials to augment their studies. The certificate includes twelve hours of required coursework in Theories of Criminal Behavior, Criminal Behavior, Intelligence Analysis for Law Enforcement, and Cyberspace Security, and three elective hours you can choose from a wide range of topics, including Statistics in Criminal Justice, Introduction to Forensic Science/Criminalistics, Drugs and Society, Private Policing, Homeland/Global Security, and Organized Crime and International Drug Trafficking.


The Undergraduate Certificate in Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Analysis emphasizes the skills needed to serve as an investigator or intelligence analyst for federal, state and local agencies, as well as corporate and private security entities. These agencies employ analysts in a variety of roles to conduct crime trend, security and investigative analyses to assist both line and investigative functions.

Program Type

Fifteen hours that can be completed 100% online.

Certificate Topics:

  • Introduction to Forensic Science/Criminalistics
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Statistics in Criminal Justice
  • Intelligence Analysis for Law Enforcement
  • Cyberspace Security 
  • Theories of Criminal Behavior
  • Homeland/Global Security and Justice
  • Organized Crime and International Drug Trafficking
  • Private Policing: Corporate Security in the 21st Century
  • Drugs and Society

Use of Certificate Undergraduate Credit Towards an Undergraduate Degree

Certificates in the College of Professional and Continuing Studies are available to all undergraduate students at OU. Hours utilized in the certificate may also be applied to requirements for an undergraduate degree. 

Certificates will be issued by the Office of Academic Records and indicated on the student’s official transcript. In order to be awarded an undergraduate certificate, students must apply for graduation before or during the final semester of certificate coursework. Certificates are awarded in the semester that all requirements have been met. Certificates cannot be awarded retroactively. Students who complete a certificate program without completing a degree program are not eligible to participate in convocation, commencement or any other graduation ceremonies.

Certificate Program Planning Sheet:

Criminal Investigation Undergraduate Certificate Program Planning Sheet


Program requirements

This undergraduate certificate offers a program of undergraduate level coursework in Criminal Justice:

  • Minimum of fifteen hours of undergraduate credit, including a majority of 3000 and 4000 level courses
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA required for successful completion
  • No substitution of courses or transfer courses is allowed in the certificate program.
  • Courses for the certificate may not be taken Pass/No Pass.

Required Courses

  • Theories of Criminal Behavior (three hours)
  • Criminal Investigation (three hours)
  • Intelligence Analysis for Law Enforcement (three hours)
  • Cyberspace Security(three hours)

Elective Courses (choose one)

  • Statistics in Criminal Justice (three hours)
  • Introduction to Forensic Science/Criminalistics (three hours)
  • Drugs and Society (three hours)
  • Private Policing: Corporate Security in the 21st Century (three hours)
  • Homeland/Global Security and Justice (three hours)
  • Organized Crime and International Drug Trafficking (three hours)
  • Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice (three hours)

Manageable Accelerated Courses

All undergraduate courses in this program are eight weeks in duration. Most students choose to take four courses (or 12 credit hours) a semester; two courses the first half of the semester and two courses the second half of the semester. The number of credit hours you take each semester should be discussed with your advisor and reflective of your personal and work schedules—these courses are fast paced and intensive.

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