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The Minor in Criminal Justice is a 15-hour program than can be completed 100% online. You’ll take four courses – Police and Policing, American Judicial Processes, the American Correctional System, and Theories of Criminal Behavior – plus one criminal justice elective of your choice.

A minor in criminal justice offers an advantage in career fields that intersect with law enforcement, such as sociology, social work and politics. You’ll explore the issues of crime, law, and the criminal justice system, with an emphasis placed on courts, criminal procedure, corrections, and emerging issues and trends in law enforcement. The criminal justice minor is a great complement if you’re majoring in administrative leadership, forensic science, political science or law.

This minor is available to all degree-seeking students at the University of Oklahoma and is delivered 100% online. Talk to your advisor to learn more!

Required Courses

  • Police and Policing
  • American Judicial Processes
  • The American Correctional System
  • Theories of Criminal Behavior
  • One criminal justice upper division elective course of your choice

Minor in Criminal Justice Planning Sheet



To learn more or add a minor to your program, please contact:

Rebecca Stroh for Diversity minors: pacsadvising@ou.edu

Emily Arias for Organizational Leadership minors: pacsadvising@ou.edu


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