The Minor in Air Traffic Control is a 25-hour program that must be completed onsite at the University of Oklahoma Norman campus. You’ll take eight courses: Introduction to Air Traffic Control, Basic Air Traffic Control Regulations, General ATC Procedures, Airport Traffic Procedures, IFR Air Traffic Procedures, ATC Tower Simulation, En-Route Radar Lab, and Tracon Radar Lab.

The Minor in Air Traffic Control trains students for careers as air traffic controllers, going well beyond the basic curriculum that the FAA has prescribed for AT-CTI schools. Not only will you learn all of the objectives found in the AT-Basics curriculum at the FAA Academy, you’ll also get the added benefit of our hands-on, real-time simulation training in all options of Air Traffic Control.

Courses for the ATC minor are designed in a “building block” format, with each course building on the knowledge gained in the previous course. They are intended to be taken consecutively. Completion of the ATC Minor will typically take four academic years. Any exception to the consecutive-course format must be approved by the AT-CTI program director and will have additional requirements that are agreed to by the student, the AT-CTI program director and the Aviation Advising Office.

Non-Air Traffic Management majors who complete the ATC minor in conjunction with another Aviation degree path are also eligible for recommendation for special hiring consideration for FAA Air Traffic Control jobs.

This minor is available to all degree-seeking students at the University of Oklahoma and is delivered 100% onsite on the OU Norman campus. 

Required Courses

  • Introduction to Air Traffic Control
  • Basic Air Traffic Control Regulations
  • General ATC Procedures
  • Airport Traffic Procedures
  • IFR Air Traffic Procedures
  • ATC Tower Simulation
  • En-Route Radar Lab
  • Tracon Radar Lab

Minor in Air Traffic Control Planning Sheet




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