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A minor is a secondary academic subject you can focus on in addition to your major. Your minor can be directly connected to your major if there are no overlapping requirements (an aviation professional pilot major may minor in air traffic control) or unrelated to your major (an art major may minor in diversity studies). If you have multiple interests, choosing a minor gives you an opportunity to learn more about another field you enjoy, or study an additional area that will be beneficial to your major. 

In addition to supporting your education, declaring a minor can be beneficial when you’re applying for jobs or graduate school. Minors show employers and academic institutions that you’re a hard worker, flexible, and able to handle a heavier workload. Visit with your advisor if you think a minor is for you.

To learn more or add a minor to your program, please contact:

Rebecca Stroh for Diversity minors: pacsadvising@ou.edu

Shelby Cole for Criminal Justice minors: pacsadvising@ou.edu

Emily Arias for Organizational Leadership minors: pacsadvising@ou.edu