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Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 120 hours is needed for a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.
  • A minimum of 30 hours must be earned from OU Extended Campus.
  • A minimum of 60 hours must be earned from a baccalaureate (four-year) institution.
  • A minimum of 40 hours must be upper-division coursework.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is needed for graduation.

General Requirements

  • 12 - 40 hours of coursework must be completed.
  • One upper division (3000/4000 level) Gen. Ed. course must be completed.
  • An Associate of Arts (A.A.) or an Associate of Science (A.S.) from an accredited 2-year Oklahoma institution waives the lower-division general education requirements.
  • No more than 30 lower-division and upper-division hours can be waived with advanced standing credit.


Last Names A - L
Kacee Butcher
(405) 325-1023

Last Names M - Z
Jennifer Gatlin
(405) 325-0416

LaDawn Jones
(405) 325-6421

General Education Requirements

  • Symbolic and Oral Communication (9-19 hours)
    • English Composition I or LSTD 1113 Interdisciplinary Composition I (3 hours)
    • English Composition II or LSTD 1133 Interdisciplinary Composition II (3 hours)
    • Math for Critical Thinking or LSTD 1053 Math for Liberal Studies (3 hours)
    • Foreign Language - two courses in the same language or two years in high school. (Must be taken outside of OU Extended Campus) (10 hours)
  • Natural Science (7 hours)
    • One Lab Science (LSTD 2553 Interdisciplinary Life Sciences and LSTD 1513 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Physical Sciences)
    • One Non-Lab Science (LSTD 2533 Science as a Process)
  • Social Science (6 hours)
    • American Federal Government or LSTD 1333 Governing Ourselves
    • Any Social Science class such as LSTD 1313 What in the World are the Social Sciences
  • Humanities (12 hours)
    • Understanding Artistic Forms LSTD 3173 Renaissance Art
    • U.S. History or LSTD 1153 History of the United States
    • Upper-Division Western Civilization and Culture LSTD 3113 or 3133 Humanities of the Ancient or Modern World
    • Non-Western Culture LSTD 3193 Non-Western Art
  • Senior Capstone (3 hours)
    • Met by Degree Completion Requirements (LSTD 4953 Study in Depth)

Degree Completion

Degree Courses (21 hours)*  All grades must be C or higher

  • LSTD 1003           Interdisciplinary Studies OR LSTD 2023     Strategies for Success
  • LSTD 3003           Interdisciplinary Inquiry
  • LSTD 3113           Ancient Humanities
  • LSTD 3333           Human Arrangements
  • LSTD 3513           The Dynamic Universe
  • LSTD 3953           Study in Depth Prospectus
  • LSTD 4953           Study in Depth

Concentration Requirements (18 hours)* Students choose one primary concentration. All grades must be C or higher


  • LSTD 2203           Evil Acts for Religious Reasons
  • LSTD 3133           Humanities of the Modern World
  • LSTD 3173           Renaissance Art
  • LSCJ 3113            Comparative Justice Systems
  • ELECTIVE             Humanities Elective
  • ELECTIVE             Humanities Elective


  • LSTD 3533           Ecology and Evolution
  • LSTD 3573           Chemistry for the Changing Times
  • LSTD 4563           Weather and Climate
  • LSLC 3113            Lifespan Development
  • ELECTIVE             Natural Sciences Elective
  • ELECTIVE             Natural Sciences Elective


  • LSAL 4143            Cultural Diversity
  • LSCJ 2283            Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • LSTD 3343           Challenges in a Changing World
  • LSTD 3363           Ethics in Social Sciences
  • ELECTIVE             Social Science Elective
  • ELECTIVE             Social Science Elective

Secondary Concentration Requirements (six hours)* All grades must be C or higher

Students will complete six hours of elective coursework from the two remaining

Liberal Studies areas of concentration outside of their primary curricular focus.


Electives fulfill the remaining hours necessary for the completion of a BA degree after general education and BA major requirements have been met.

Electives can be taken online through OU Extended Campus and/or transferred from another college or university, subject to the minimum graduation requirements presented above

Degree Planning Worksheet

Liberal Studies Degree Planning Worksheet