The Flight Availability form must be filled out completely and will automaticaly be emailed to the Aviation Scheduler and send a copy to you. if you have any questions or problems with the form please see the Aviation Scheduler.

Student Flight Availability Form

ForeFlight Mobile

Aircraft Instrument Panels


Cross Country


Airport diagram/taxi clearence from the FAA website

Click the above link, about one page down, find the link called"digital — Terminal Procedures (YYCC)"

Warrior Avionics Orientation and Familiarization

Norman's Max Westheimer Tower Live

A great tool to learn ATC communications or hear your flying buddies flying high over the skies of Oklahoma. Listen to traffic on both ground and tower frequencies.

Listen to Tower Live

*Notes for Techies: This system broadcasts in 16-bit, 22,050 Hz mono MP3, so make sure you have a media player capable of playing that format. If you don't, Winamp is an excellent free player for Windows that supports our format. For Mac users, iTunes should work, and comes with OS X.