Internship Applications

*All Internship Applications MUST be initially submitted to the Aviation Advising Office (Terminal Bldg., Rm. 209) prior to being turned in, with the exception of Boeing and Raytheon who accept applications via their website and Max Westheimer as noted below.

Application dates and criteria are subject to change. You will be alerted to the latest information through your e-mail account as the call for new interns goes out.

Congratulations to these Aviation Internship Recipients

Summer 2015:

  • Ashlynn Tyrell ~ Max Westheimer Airport
  • Coit Garrison ~ Guthrie Edmond Regional Airport
  • Alanna Moore ~ Enid Airport
  • Kendall Loy-Rhoades ~ DFW Airport
  • Scott Shankland, Jr. ~ DFW Airport
  • Stefan Derewetzky ~ Alaska Airlines
  • Lance Lamkin ~ AAAE in Washington, D.C.
  • Nicolas Vachon ~ FAA OKC ATCT Internship
  • Phoenix Scrimshaw ~ Tinker Air Force Base Airfield Operations

Spring 2016:

  • Kort Rippentrop ~ Southwest Airlines

Summer 2016:

  • Danelle Beecham ~ Max Westheimer Airport
  • Joye Luu ~ Guthrie Edmond Regional Airport
  • Susan Amstutz ~ Wal-Mart Corporate Flight Dept.
  • John Hanna ~ AAAE in Washington, D.C.
  • Andrea Lopez-Jiminez ~ AAAE in Washington, D.C.
  • Ashlynn Tyrell ~ AAAE in Washington, D.C.