OU Extended Campus programs located at military installations throughout the United States and Europe have moved all Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 courses into virtual formats. Please see Schedules and Syllabi by Program to view all courses available for Spring and Summer. 


Extended Campus North America and Europe Course Schedules and Syllabi - Summer 2021 By Program

Course syllabi are available approximately 10 weeks prior to the course start date.  Please click on the course number to access the syllabus.  All syllabi are provided as PDF documents.

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Important Information about Textbook Ordering

Books may be ordered via the OU Online Bookstore: soonerbooks.com. When searching for your course,  you will need to know the department (e.g. HR, COMM), the course number (e.g. 5023, 5110), and the section number (e.g. 102, 203).  This information can be found on your course syllabus.  Please be careful when placing your order to double-check the section number and compare the books listed for ordering against those listed on the syllabus. If you need assistance, please contact your local site director.

ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse DatesCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HROL4/2/214/3/215/1-8/31, 2021HR 5023-491Research Methods in Human Relations37619Bert, Shannon, PhD


5/1-7/31, 2021HR 5003-491Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations37615Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, PhD
HROL4/2/214/3/215/1-8/31, 2021HR 5343-491Conflict Resolution37623Roberson, Tamara, Prof. 
IROL4/2/214/3/215/1-8/31, 2021ECON 5990-490Special Studies - Middle East Economics37617Demir, Firat, PhD
IROL4/4/214/5/215/3-6/11, 2021IAS 5940-504Topics in International Studies - Pracitce of Diplomacy 37628Andrew, Robert, PhD
IROL4/11/214/12/215/10-7/18, 2021IAS 5940-499Topics in International Stuides - Modern Statecraft37659Barnes, Bruce, Prof. 
IROL4/11/214/12/215/10-7/18, 2021IAS 5940-520Topics in International Studies - Afghanistan in Conflict37630Barnes, Bruce, Prof.
IROL5/7/215/8/216/5-20, 2021SOC 5970-494Seminar Topics/Seminar - Overview of Environmental Issues from a Global and Strategic Perspective37637Burns, Thomas, PhD
IROL5/17/215/18/216/15-29, 2021IAS 5940-501Topics in International Studies - Women and Terrorism37641Szitanyi, Stephanie, PhD
IROL5/30/215/31/216/28-7/14, 2021IAS 5793-497Graduate Studies in International Relations37626Cruise, Rebecca, PhD
HROL6/2/216/3/217/1-8/31, 2021HR 5063-491Seminar in Strategies of Social Change37643Habashi, Janette, PhD
HROL 6/2/216/3/217/1-8/31, 2021HR 5703-491International Human Relations37645Deacon, Zermarie, PhD
HROL6/2/216/3/217/1-8/31, 2021HR 5713-492Women, Work, and the Family37646Bert, Shannon, PhD
HROL6/2/216/3/217/1-8/31, 2021HR 5833-492Human Resource Development 37647Byrd, Marilyn, PhD
IROL6/6/216/7/217/5-25, 2021IAS 5940-498Topics in International Studies - Qualitative Research Methods37658Spencer, Anthony 
IROL7/21/217/22/218/19-30, 2021IAS 5013-494International Law37656Gismondi, Giovana, PhD


OU Extended Campus offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.

ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
COMMOC7/1/217/2/217/30-8/1 and 8/6-8, 20219/7/21COMM 6970-104Seminar - War, Peace and Media37653Miller, Claude, PhD
COMMWA5/23/215/24/216/21-27, 20217/27/21COMM 6970-103Seminar - Small Group: Terrorism/Extermism37642Reedy, Justin, PhD
ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
EDUCRA4/19/214/20/214/29-5/23, 20216/22/21ILAC 6960-223Learning and Technology37633Brugar, Kristy, PhD
ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HRFS5/6/215/19/216/4-28. 20217/28/21HR 5100-102International/Intercultural Awareness37636Randle, Rodger, PhD
HRHB4/11/214/12/215/10-16, 20216/15/21HR 5003-103Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations37629Deacon, Zermarie, PhD
HRHB6/13/216/14/217/12-18, 20218/17/21HR 5143-102Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional37648Meyer, Charles, PhD
HRHM5/15/215/16/216/13-19, 20217/19/21HR 5023-302Research Methods in Human Relations37639Worley, Jody, PhD
HRSP4/19/214/20/215/18-25, 20216/22/21HR 5023-223Research Methods in Human Relations37631Williams, Lee, PhD
HRTK6/24/216/25/217/23-8/15, 20219/14/21HR 5093-106Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations37651Nash, Susan, PhD
HRWA6/13/216/14/217/12-18, 20218/17/21HR 5463-104Counseling Skills in Human Relations37649Davidson, Timothy, PhD
ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
IRFS6/17/216/18/217/16-18 and 7/23-25, 20218/24/21IAS 5383-102Political Economy of the Underworld: Organized Crime and Conflict37650Hirschfeld, Tassie, PhD
IRHB5/16/215/17/216/14-20, 20217/20/21COMM 6970-105Seminar - War, Peace and Media37640Edy, Jill, PhD
IRHB7/11/217/12/218/9-15, 20219/14/21IAS 5043-101Global Security37655Sartorius, Christopher, PhD
IRHM6/26/216/27/217/25-31, 20218/30/21IAS 5793-302Graduate Studies in International Relations37652Jobe, Jarrett, PhD
IROC7/22/217/23/218/20-22 and 8/27-29, 20219/28/21ECON 5853-102World Economic Development37657Demir, Firat, PhD
IRWA5/9/215/10/216/7-13, 20217/13/21IAS 5940-107Topics in International Relations - US-Russia Relations37660Andrew, Rob, PhD
IRWA7/11/217/12/218/9-15, 20219/14/21ECON 5613-101International Economics - Trade37654Zhu, Zhen, PhD
IRWI4/19/214/20/215/18-23, 20216/22/21IAS 5213-220Politics of the European Union37632Smith, Mitchell, PhD