Extended Campus North America and Europe Course Schedules and Syllabi - Summer 2019 By Program

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ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse DatesCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
ECONOL4/2/194/3/195/1-6/30, 2019ECON 5853-104World Economic Development37313Demir, Firat, Ph.D.
ECONOL6/2/196/3/197/1-8/31, 2019ECON 5990-498Special Studies: Comparative Economic Systems37349Demir, Firat, Ph.D. 
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-8/31, 2019HR 5093-495Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations37337Allen, Katie, Ph.D.
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-8/31, 2019HR 5023-495Research in Human Relations37334Bert, Shannon, Ph.D.
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-8/31, 2019HR 5013-495Current Problems in Human Relations37332Bert, Shannon, Ph.D.
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-8/31, 2019HR 5453-492Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling37342Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-8/31, 2019HR 5473-494Women and Mental Health37345Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-6/30, 2019HR 5053-492Diversity and Justice in Organizations37319Mosley, Sterlin, Ph.D.
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-8/31, 2019HR 5203-492Graduate Research and Writing37340Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-6/30, 2019HR 5100-490International/Intercultural Awareness37322Roberson, Tamara, Ed.D.
HROL4/2/194/3/195/1-8/31, 2019HR 5003-496Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations37328Fuenzalida, Luz-Eugenia, Ph.D.
HROL6/2/196/3/197/1-8/31, 2019HR 5443-493Adolescent Issues37360Habashi, Janette, Ph.D.
HROL6/2/196/3/197/1-8/31, 2019HR 5113-499The Role of Gender in Warfare37357Deacon, Zermarie, Ph.D.
HROL6/2/196/3/197/1-8/31, 2019HR 5110-492International Conflict Resolution37355Roberson, Tamara, Ph.D.
HROL6/2/196/3/197/1-8/31, 2019HR 5703-491International Human Relations37363Deacon, Zermarie, Ph.D.
IROL4/2/194/3/195/1-15, 2019IAS 5363-492Cultures of Latin America37310Spencer, Anthony, Ph.D.
IROL4/7/194/8/195/6-7/14, 2019IAS 5940-503Topics in International Studies - Western Hemispheric Security: An American Dilemma37347Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL4/7/194/8/195/7-7/14, 2019IAS 5940-501Topics in International Studies - Afghanistan in Conflict37380Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL4/16/194/17/195/15-6/1, 2019IAS 5940-517Topics in International Studies: Civil and Military Relations37382Shah, Aqil, Ph.D.
IROL5/19/195/20/196/17-6/30, 2019IAS 5013-491International Law37326Gismondi, Giovanna, Ph.D
IROL5/26/195/27/196/24-7/9, 2019IAS 5213-491Politics of the European Union37341Smith, Mitchell, Ph.D.
IROL6/9/196/10/197/8-8/4, 2019IAS 5123-495African Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement37384Martinelli, Joseph, Ph.D.
IROL6/9/196/10/197/8-15, 2019IAS 5940-518Topics in International Studies: Gender and War37386Szitanyi, Stephanie, Ph.D.
IROL6/14/196/15/197/13-26, 2019IAS 5793-493Graduate Studies in International Relations37304Grillot, Suzette, Ph.D.
IROL6/16/196/17/197/15-30, 2019IAS 5213-492Politics of the European Union37309Smith, Mitchell, Ph.D.
IROL6/17/196/18/197/16-30, 2019IAS 5940-519Topics in International Studies: Women and Terrorism37385Szitanyi, Stephanie, Ph.D.


Advanced Programs offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
COMMOC5/2/195/3/195/31-6/2 and 6/7-9, 20197/9/19COMM 5393-102Risk and Assessment Communication37372Bessarabova, Elena, Ph.D.
COMMOC7/18/197/19/198/16-18 and 8/23-25, 20199/24/19COMM 6473-101Communication and Public Opinion37362Edy, Jill, Ph.D.
COMMWA6/16/196/17/197/15-21, 20198/20/19COMM 6433-102Seminar in Intercultural Communication37307Cionea, Ioana, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
ECONFS5/16/195/17/196/14-16 and 6/28-30, 20197/23/19ECON 5073-105Contemporary Economic Methods and Analysis37317Zhu, Zhen, Ph.D.
ECONFS6/13/196/14/197/12-14 and 7/19-21, 20198/20/19ECON 5633-101International Economics-Finance37373Zhu, Zhen, Ph.D.
ECONOC4/18/194/19/195/17-19 and 5/31-6/2, 20197/2/19ECON 5023-105Statistics for Decision Making37361Sahabeh Tabrizy, Saleh
ECONWA7/14/197/15/198/12-18, 20199/17/19ECON 5990-106Special Studies: International Energy Markets37350Zhu, Zhen, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
EDUCRA5/6/195/7/196/4-9, 20197/9/19ILAC 6033-222Critical Research Paradigms37311Beach, Sara, Ph.D.
EDUCRA7/1/197/2/197/30-8/4, 20199/3/19ILAC 6960-222Learning and Technology37333Baines, Lawrence, Ph.D.
EDUCST7/15/197/16/198/13-18, 20199/17/19ILAC 5003-223Models of Instruction37367Hill, Crag, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HRFB5/19/195/20/196/17-23, 20197/23/19HR 5143-103Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional 37323Gabert, Trent, Ph.D.
HRFS6/13/196/14/197/12-14 and 7/19-21, 20198/20/19HR 5483-103Diagnosis in Human Relations Counseling37303Jones Parker, Marilynn, Ph.D.
HRHB7/14/197/15/198/12-18, 20199/17/19HR 5053-107Diversity and Justice in Organizations37354Lloyd-Jones, Brenda, Ph.D.
HRHM4/13/194/14/195/12-18, 20196/17/19HR 5013-301Current Problems in Human Relations37353Habashi, Janette, Ph.D.
HRHM6/22/196/23/197/21-27, 20198/26/19HR 5703-301International Human Relations37318Randle, Rodger, Ph.D.
HRLK5/20/195/21/196/18-23, 20197/23/19HR 5023-229Research Methods in Human Relations37331Williams, Thomas, Ph.D.
HRNA5/6/195/7/196/4-9, 20197/9/19HR 5023-230Research Methods in Human Relations37305Wright, David, Ph.D.
HRNL4/14/194/15/195/13-19, 20196/18/19HR 5003-111Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations37356Davidson, Timothy, Ph.D.
HRRA6/17/196/18/197/16-21, 20198/20/19HR 5463-223Counseling Skills in Human Relations37312Johnson, Chad, Ph.D.
HRRO5/20/195/21/196/18-23, 20197/23/19HR 5643-220Crisis Intervention37335Balmer, Thomas, Ph.D.
HRSP5/6/195/7/196/4-9, 20197/9/19HR 5323-224Organizational Behavior in Human Relations37306Byrd, Marilyn, Ph.D.
HRTK5/9/195/10/196/7-9 and 6/14-16, 20197/16/19HR 5013-112Current Problems in Human Relations37314Vail, Peter, Ph.D.
HRTK7/18/197/19/198/16-18 and 8/23-25, 20199/24/19HR 5333-102Mediation37371Marlow, Kathryn, MSW
HRVI5/6/195/7/196/4-9, 20197/9/19HR 5463-225Counseling Skills in Human Relations 37308Davidson, Timothy, Ph.D.
HRWA6/9/196/10/197/8-14, 20198/13/19HR 5093-113Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations37365Natale, Anthony, Ph.D.
HRWI5/27/195/28/196/25-30, 20197/30/19HR 5023-228Research Methods in Human Relations37344Williams, Thomas, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
IRFS7/11/197/12/198/9-11 and 8/16-18, 20199/17/19RELS 5970-103Special Topics/Seminar: Islamic Culture37348Kimball, Charles, Ph.D.
IRGK7/1/197/2/197/30-8/4, 20199/3/19IAS 5373-223Media Conflcit in Latin America37330Spencer, Anthony, Ph.D.
IRHB5/5/195/6/196/3-8, 20197/9/19IAS 5940-110Topics in International Studies - International Terrorism37302Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IRHB6/30/197/1/197/29-8/4, 20199/3/19GEOG 5113-101Quantitative Methods in Geographical Research37327Greene, Scott, Ph.D.
IRHM5/18/195/19/196/16-22, 20197/22/19IAS 5793-301Graduate Studies in International Relations37320Jobe, Jarrett, Ph.D.
IRHM7/20/197/21/198/18-24, 20199/23/19IAS 5013-301International Law37376Gismondi, Giovanna, LL.M.
IRMI7/22/197/23/198/20-25, 20199/24/19IAS 5940-232Topics in International Studies - Global Perspectives on Gender37379Velazquez, Mirelsie, Ph.D.
IROC5/2/195/3/195/31-6/2 and 6/7-9, 20197/9/19SOC 5970-104Special Topics/Seminar - Religion and Society 37375Burns, Thomas, Ph.D.
IROC6/13/196/14/197/12-14 and 7/19-21, 20198/20/19GEOG 6230-104Seminar in Economic Geography - Geography and the World Economy37378Gliedt, Travis, Ph.D.
IRRA6/10/196/11/197/9-14, 20198/13/19PSC 5653-224Democracies and Democratization37369Kenney, Charles, Ph.D.
IRRA7/8/197/9/198/6-11, 20199/10/19IAS 5793-224Graduate Studies in International Relations37343Grillot, Suzette, Ph.D.
IRVI7/15/197/16/198/13-18, 20199/17/19IAS 5940-227Topics in International Studies - EU, NATO and European Security37358Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IRWA5/26/195/27/196/24-30, 20197/30/19SOC 5943-102Inequality in Global Perspective37338Rambo, Karl, Ph.D.
IRWA7/7/197/8/198/5-11, 20199/10/19HIST 6400-104Seminar in American History - American Foreign Policy between the World Wars37339Metcalf, R Warren, Ph.D.