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    OU Extended Campus programs located at military installations throughout the United States and Europe have moved all Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 courses into virtual formats. Please see Schedules and Syllabi by Program to view all courses available for Spring and Summer. 


Extended Campus North America and Europe Course Schedules and Syllabi - Spring 2021 By Program

Course syllabi are available approximately 10 weeks prior to the course start date.  Please click on the course number to access the syllabus.  All syllabi are provided as PDF documents.

Note: Any and all course materials, syllabus, lessons, lectures, etc. are the property of the professor teaching the course and the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma and are protected under applicable copyright laws.

Important Information about Textbook Ordering

Books may be ordered via the OU Online Bookstore: soonerbooks.com. When searching for your course,  you will need to know the department (e.g. HR, COMM), the course number (e.g. 5023, 5110), and the section number (e.g. 102, 203).  This information can be found on your course syllabus.  Please be careful when placing your order to double-check the section number and compare the books listed for ordering against those listed on the syllabus. If you need assistance, please contact your local site director.


ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse DatesCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
IROL12/4/2012/5/201/2-4/30, 2021ECON 5990-491Special Studies - Comparative Economic Systems25410Demir, Firat, PhD
HROL1/1/211/2/211/2-4/30, 2021HR 5003-494Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations25411Mendoza, Susan, PhD
HROL12/4/2012/5/201/2-4/30, 2021HR 5023-494Research Mehtods in Human Relations25417Bert, Shannon, PhD
HROL1/1/211/2/211/2-4/30, 2021HR 5303-492Stress Management25421Mendoza, Susan, PhD
IROL12/8/2012/9/201/6-25, 2021IAS 5123-491Topics in International Studies - African Peacekeeping and Enforcement25429Martinelli, Joseph, PhD
IROL12/13/2012/14/201/11-3/21, 2021IAS 5940-497Topics in International Studies - International Terrorism25405Barnes, Bruce, MA
IROL12/21/2012/22/201/19-3/12, 2021IAS 5940-521Topics in International Studies - Global Climate Change Policy25407Gibson, Adam, PhD
IROL1/10/211/11/212/8-21, 2021PSC 5513-494International Relations Theory25478Grillot, Suzette, PhD
IROL1/17/211/18/212/15-3/21, 2021IAS 5940-945Topics in International Studies - Gender and War25451Szitanyi, Stephanie, PhD
HROL1/31/212/1/213/1-4/30, 2021HR 5403-491Psycho-Social Development25406Bert, Shannon, PhD
HROL1/31/212/1/213/1-4/30, 2021HR 5443-492Adolescent Issues in Human Relations25408Habashi, Janette, PhD
IROL2/7/212/8/213/8-24, 2021IAS 5940-496Topics in International Studies: International Activism25475Cruise, Rebecca, PhD
IROL2/15/212/16/213/16-31, 2021SOC 5970-495Special Topics/Seminar: Overview of Environmental Issues from a Global/Strategic Perspective25474Burns, Thomas, PhD
IROL3/7/213/8/214/5-18, 2021IAS 5793-492Graduate Studies in International Relations25404Grillot, Suzette, PhD
IROL3/11/213/12/214/9-24, 2021SOC 5970-496Special Topics Seminar - Religion and Society25475Burns, Thomas, PhD,


Advanced Programs offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
COMMOC12/31/201/1/211/29-31 and 2/5-7, 20213/9/21COMM 6433-101Seminar in Intercultural Communication25433Cionea, Ioana, PhD
COMMWA1/31/212/1/213/1-7, 20214/6/21COMM 5053-103Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods25470Bisel, Ryan, PhD
COMMWA3/21/213/22/214/19-25, 20215/25/21COMM 6970-102Seminar - Communication and Humor25464Banas, John, PhD



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
EDUCRA1/4/211/5/211/11-2/22, 20213/9/21ILAC 5143-222Theory and Research in Education25449Casey, Erin, PhD
EDUCRA2/22/212/23/213/4-4/15, 20214/27/21EDEC 6403-222Advocacy and Leadership in Early Childhood Education25453Lake, Vickie, PhD
EDUCST12/6/2012/7/201/4-12, 20212/9/21EDMA 5153-221Problem Centered Learning25425Reeder, Stacy, PhD
EDUCST3/22/213/23/213/24-5/11, 20216/16/21EDUC 6930-222Introduction to Teaching25409Hill, Crag, PhD



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HRFS1/21/20211/22/20212/19-21 and 2/26-28, 20213/30/21HR 5183-101Seminar in Issues in Human Relations Training25472Roberson, Tamara, PhD
HRHB1/3/211/4/212/1-7, 20213/9/21HR 5023-103Research Methods in Human Relations25446

Mendoza, Jorge, Phd

HRHB2/21/212/22/213/22-28, 20214/27/21HR 5463-102Counseling Skills in Human Relations25440

Davidson, Timothy, PhD

HRHM2/13/212/14/213/14-20, 20214/19/21HR 5323-301Organizational Behavior in Human Relations25420

Byrd, Marilyn, PhD

HRLK12/7/2012/8/201/5-12, 20212/11/21HR 5023-224Research Methods in Human Relations25427Williams, Thomas, PhD
HRMI3/15/213/16/214/13-18, 20215/18/21HR 5463-223Counseling Skills in Human Relations25459

Johnson, Chad, PhD

HRNA1/4/211/5/212/2-7, 20213/9/21HR 5453-222Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling25448Fredman, Johnie, LPC
HRNA3/15/213/16/214/13-18, 20215/18/21HR 5003-226Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations25454

Natale, Anthony, PhD

HRRA3/29/213/30/214/27-5/2, 20216/1/21HR 5033-221Leadership in Organizations25469Nash, Susan, PhD
HRRO2/22/212/16/213/23-28, 20214/20/21HR 5703-224International Human Relations25436

Deacon, Zermarie, PhD

HRSP2/15/212/16/213/16-21, 20214/20/21HR 5453-221Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling25435McClain, Carrie, Prof.
HRTK12/31/201/1/211/29-31 and 2/5-7, 20213/9/21HR 5623-102Post Traumatic Stress Disorder25441Bohanan, Harriet, Prof
HRTK2/18/212/19/213/19-21 and 3/26-28, 20214/27/21HR 5023-104Research Methods in Human Relations25438

Mendoza, Jorge, PhD

HRVI/SH1/25/211/26/212/23-28, 20213/30/21HR 5023-225Research Methods in Human Relations25471Meyer, Kenneth, PhD
HRVI3/22/213/23/214/20-25, 20215/25/21HR 5703-223International Human Relations25466Randle, Rodger, PhD
HRWA1/24/211/25/212/22-28, 20213/30/21

HR 5093-104

Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations25457

 Natale, Anthony, PhD

HRWA2/21/212/22/213/22-28, 20214/27/21HR 5413-101Chemical Dependency25439Hooks, Elizabeth, Prof
HRWI1/4/211/5/212/2-7, 20213/9/21HR 5013-226Current Problems in Human Relations25447

Randle, Rodger, PhD

HRWI3/15/20213/16/20214/13-18, 20215/18/21HR 5053-222

Diversity and Justice in Organizations

25456Tan, David, PhD



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
IRAV2/8/212/9/213/9-14, 20214/13/21IAS 5940-220Topics in International Studies - Afghanistan in Conflict25415Barnes, Bruce, MA
IRFS1/21/211/22/212/19-21 and 2/26-28, 20213/30/21ECON 5990-101Special Studies - Chinese Economic Development25455Bell, Paul, PhD
IRGK12/7/2112/8/211/5-10, 20212/9/21IAS 5793-228Introduction to Graduate Studies in International Relations25428Jobe, Jarrett, PhD
IRGK2/22/212/23/213/23-28, 20214/27/21HIST 6200-222Seminar in European History - Russia's World War II25442Stockdale, Melissa, PhD
IRHB2/3/212/4/213/4-18, 20214/17/21IAS 5940-103Topics in International Studies: Perspectives on Gender25476Velazquez, Mirelsie, PhD
IRHB3/21/213/22/214/19-25, 20215/25/21HIST 6600-103Seminar in Middle Eastern History - The Modern Middle East25465Snell, Daniel, PhD
IRHM3/19/213/21/214/17-25, 20215/24/21IAS 5043-301Global Security25463Sartorius, Christopher, PhD
IRMI12/21/2012/22/201/19-24, 20212/23/21IAS 5940-221Topics in International Studies: US Intelligence Challenges25477Sartorius, Christopher, PhD
IROC12/31/211/1/211/29-31 and 2/5-7, 20213/9/21RELS 5970-106Seminar Topics/Seminar - Islamic Culture25444Kimball, Charles, PhD
IROC3/18/213/19/214/16-18 and 4/23-25, 20215/25/21GEOG 6220-102Seminar in Human Geography - Indigenous Development in Latin America25462Smith, Laurel, PhD
IRRA2/1/212/2/213/2-7, 20214/6/21GEOG 6240-221Seminar in Resource and Environment Geography - Climate Change and Society25412Greene, John, PhD
IRSH3/29/213/30/214/27-5/2, 20216/1/21IAS 5213-221Politics of the European Union25473Smith, Mitchell, PhD
IRST/WI2/15/212/16/213/16-21, 20214/20/21GEOG 6240-222Seminar in Resource and Environment Geography - Natural Resource Management in a Globalizing World25434Hoagland, Bruce, PhD
IRVI12/28/2012/29/201/26-31, 20213/2/21IAS 5940-240Topics in International Studies - Western Hemispheric Security: An American Dilemma25430Barnes, Bruce, MA
IRVI2/22/212/23/213/23-28, 20214/27/21IAS 5940-508Topics in International Studies - Practice of Diplomacy25443Andrew, Robert, Prof.
IRWA2/14/212/15/213/15-21, 20214/20/21IAS 5363-101Cultures of Latin America25422Spencer, Anthony, PhD
IRWA3/28/213/29/214/26-5/9, 20216/1/21IAS 5013-103International Law25467Gismondi, Giovanna, Prof.