Extended Campus North America and Europe Course Schedules and Syllabi - Spring 2020 By Program

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ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse DatesCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5013-492Current Problems in Human Relations Habashi, Janette, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5623-491Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5053-493Diversity and Justice in Organizations Byrd, Marilyn, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5093-492Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Allen, Katie, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5003-492Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations Deacon, Zermarie, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5023-492Research Methods in Human Relations Bert, Shannon, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5203-493Graduate Research and Writing Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5453-493Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling McClain, Carrie, Prof.
HROL12/4/1912/5/191/2-4/30, 2020HR 5113-493International Training and Development Roberson, Tamara, Ed.D.
HROL2/1/202/2/203/1-4/30, 2020HR 5293-490Multicultural Issues in Human Relations Habashi, Janette, Ph.D.
HROL2/1/202/2/203/1-4/30, 2020HR 5703-492International Human Relations Deacon, Zermarie, Ph.D.
HROL2/1/202/2/203/1-4/30, 2020HR 5713-491Women, Work and the Family Bert, Shannon, Ph.D.
IROL12/3/1912/4/191/1-4/30, 2020IAS 5793-501Graduate Studies in International Relations Jobe, Jarrett, Ph.D.
IROL12/8/1912/9/191/6-2/2, 2020PSC 5913-492Introduction to Analysis of Political and Administrative Data Peck, Bob, Ph.D.
IROL12/8/1912/9/191/6-24, 2020IAS 5123-494African Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement Martinelli, Joseph, Ph.D.
IROL12/8/1912/9/191/6-3/15, 2020IAS 5940-509Topics in International Studies - Afghanistan in Conflict Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL12/8/1912/9/191/6-3/15, 2020IAS 5940-510Topics in International Studies - Afghanistan in Conflict Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL1/3/201/4/202/1-3/28, 2020IAS 5940-512Topics in International Studies - National Security Leadership Fishel, John, Ph.D.
IROL2/6/202/7/203/6-4/3, 2020HIST 6400-490Seminar in American History - American Foreign Policy between the World Wars Matcalf, R Warren, Ph.D.
IROL3/1/203/2/203/30-4/30, 2020IAS 5793-498Graduate Studies in International Relations Jobe, Jarrett, Ph.D.
IROL3/6/203/7/204/4-17, 2020IAS 5940-520Topics in International Studies - International Activism Cruise, Rebecca, Ph.D.


Advanced Programs offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
COMMOC12/26/1912/27/191/24-26 and 1/31-2/2, 20203/3/20COMM 6970-101Seminar - War, Peace and Media Kramer, Eric, Ph.D.
COMMOC2/20/202/21/203/20-22 and 3/27-29, 20204/28/20COMM 6423-102Communication in Health Organizations Olufowote, James, Ph.D.
COMMWA1/5/201/6/202/3-9, 20203/10/20COMM 5213-102Interpersonal Communication Banas, John, Ph.D.
COMMWA2/23/202/24/203/23-29, 20204/28/20COMM 5023-101Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods Bessarabova, Elena, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
EDUCRA12/30/1912/31/191/28-2/2, 20203/3/20EDEC 6533-221Program Evaluation Horm, Diane, Ph.D.
EDUCRA2/10/202/11/203/10-15, 20204/14/20ILAC 5233-221Understanding Different Cultures Houser, Neil, Ph.D.
EDUCST1/6/201/7/202/4-9, 20203/10/20EDRG 6930-222Literacy Across the Curriculum Ruan, Jiening, Ph.D.
EDUCST3/2/203/3/203/31-4/5, 20205/5/20ILAC 6033-222Critical Research Paradigms Hill, Crag, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HRFB1/5/201/6/202/3-9, 20203/10/20HR 5013-104Current Problems in Human Relations Williams, Thomas, Ph.D.
HRFB2/16/202/17/203/16-22, 20204/21/20HR 5133-102Change, Challenge and Creativity in the Workplace Mendoza, Jorge, Ph.D.
HRFS1/2/201/3/201/31-2/2 and 2/7-9, 20203/10/20HR 5033-101Leadership Organizations Mendoza, Jorge, Ph.D.
HRFS2/13/202/14/203/13-15 and 3/20-22, 20204/21/20HR 5293-101Multicultural Issues in Human Relations Roberson, Tamara, Ph.D.
HRHB1/5/201/6/202/3-9, 20203/10/20HR 5003-101Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations Gilliland, Kirby, Ph.D.
HRHB2/16/202/17/203/16-22, 20204/21/20HR 5343-104Conflict Resolution Durbin, Marilyn, M.A.
HRHM2/8/202/9/203/8-14, 20204/13/20HR 5093-302Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Sourie, Eroc, MHR
HRLK1/6/201/7/202/4-9, 20203/10/20HR 5093-224Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Lloyd-Jones, Brenda, Ph.D.
HRMI3/16/203/17/204/14-19, 20205/19/20HR 5623-222Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Johnson, Chad, Ph.D.
HRNA2/17/202/18/203/17-22, 20204/21/20HR 5100-221International/Intercultural Awareness 

Randle, Rodger, J.D.

HRRA12/23/1912/24/191/21-26, 20202/25/20HR 5623-221Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Bohanan, Harriett
HRRA2/24/202/25/203/24-29, 20204/28/20HR 5013-223Current Problems in Human Relations Williams, Thomas, Ph.D.
HRRO2/17/202/18/203/17-22, 20204/21/20HR 5093-223Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HRSP1/27/201/28/202/25-3/1, 20203/31/20HR 5053-221Diversity and Justice in Organizations Cannon, Allen, Ph.D.
HRTK1/23/201/24/202/21-23 and 2/28-3/1, 20203/31/20HR 5093-101Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Fream, Anita, M.A.
HRTK3/19/203/20/204/17-19 and 4/24-26, 20205/26/20HR 5343-101Conflict Resolution Roberson, Tamara, Ed.D.
HRVI12/9/1912/10/191/7-12, 20202/11/20HR 5013-222Current Problems in Human Relations Natale, Anthony, Ph.D.
HRVI2/3/202/4/203/3-8, 20204/7/20HR 5433-221Group Counseling in Human Relations Davidson, Timothy, Ph.D.
HRWA2/9/202/10/203/9-15, 20204/14/20HR 5453-101Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling Balmer, Thomas, Ph.D.
HRWA3/29/203/30/204/27-5/3, 20206/2/20HR 5003-102Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations Davidson, Timothy, Ph.D.
HRWI12/31/1912/31/191/28-2/2, 20203/3/20

HR 5703-222

International Human Relations Randle, Rodger, J.D.
HRWI2/17/202/18/203/17-22, 20204/21/20HR 5093-222Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Pope, Myron, Ed.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
IRAV1/6/201/7/202/4-9, 20203/10/20IAS 5940-221Topics in International Studies - International Terrorism Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IRFS1/2/201/3/201/31-2/2 and 2/7-9, 20203/10/20RELS 5970-104Special Topics/Seminar - Comparative Religion Kimball, Charles, Ph.D.
IRFS2/13/202/14/203/13-15 and 3/20-22, 20204/21/20HIST 6600-105Seminar in Middle Eastern History - The Modern Middle East Snell, Daniel, Ph.D.
IRGK2/10/202/11/203/10-15, 20204/14/20IAS 5940-224Topics in International Studies - International Terrorism Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IRHB2/2/202/3/203/2-8, 20204/7/20IAS 5013-101International Law Gismondi, Giovanna, LL.M.
IRHB3/22/203/23/204/20-26, 20205/26/20GEOG 6220-101Seminar in Human Geography - Critical Geopolitics Widener, Jeffrey, Ph.D.
IRHM1/25/201/26/202/23-29, 2020


IAS 5940-301Topics in International Studies - International Activism Cruise, Rebecca, Ph.D.
IRHM3/21/203/22/204/19-25, 20205/25/20SOC 5970-301Special Topics/Seminar - Religion and Society Burns, Thomas, Ph.D.
IRLK2/17/202/18/203/17-22, 20204/21/20PSC 5550-222Problems in International Relations - Russian Politics Goode, Paul, Ph.D.
IRMI12/30/1912/31/191/28-2/2, 20203/3/20PSC 5123-221Making of American Foreign Policy Grillot, Suzette, Ph.D.
IROC1/23/201/24/202/21-23 and 2/28-3/1, 20203/31/20SOC 5970-101Special Topics/Seminar - Overview of Environmental Issues from a Global/Strategic Perspective Burns, Thomas, Ph.D.
IROC3/19/203/20/204/17-19 and 4/24-265/26/20IAS 5793-101Graduate Studies in International Relations Cruise, Rebecca, Ph.D.
IRRA1/27/201/28/202/25-3/1, 20203/31/20IAS 5363-222Cultures of Latin America Spencer, Anthony, Ph.D.
IRSH1/6/201/7/202/4-9, 20203/10/20COMM 6970-222Seminar - War, Peace and Media Miller, Claude, Ph.D.
IRSH3/30/203/31/204/28-5/3, 20206/2/20IAS 5940-238Topics in International Studies - U.S. Diplomatic History McPherson, Alan, Ph.D.
IRST2/3/202/4/203/3-8, 20204/7/20PSC 5913-225Introduction to Analysis of Political and Administrative Data Franklin, Aimee, Ph.D.
IRVI1/20/201/21/202/18-23, 20203/24/20IAS 5940-236Arab-Israeli Conflict Lewental, Dawid Gershon, Ph.D.
IRVI3/23/203/24/204/21-26, 20205/26/20ECON 5853-221World Economic Development Sanderson, Patricia, Ph.D.
IRWA1/12/201/13/202/10-16, 20203/17/20HIST 5970-102Special Topics: Building Modern Nations Levenson, Alan, Ph.D.
IRWA2/2/202/3/203/2-8, 20204/7/20IAS 5940-112Topics in International Studies - Eastern European Politics Kovalov, Maksym, Ph.D.
IRWA3/22/203/23/204/20-26, 20205/26/20IAS 5940-117Topics in International Studies - Terrorism in Africa Martinelli, Joseph, Ph.D.
IRWI3/16/203/17/204/14-19, 20205/19/20IAS 5940-231Topics in International Studies - EU, NATO and European Security Barnes, Bruce, M.A.