Extended Campus North America and Europe Course Schedules and Syllabi - Spring 2019 By Program

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ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse DatesCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
ECONOL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019ECON 5990-495Special Studies - Comparative Economic Systems25002Demir, Firat, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5093-494Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations25006Allen, Katie, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5023-494Research in Human Relations25005Bert, Shannon, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5013-494Current Problems in Human Relations25004Bert, Shannon, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5323-492Organizational Behavior in Human Relations25010Ham, Sandra, MHR
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5623-492Post Traumatic Stress Disorder25011Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5113-496Stress Management25007Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5203-491Graduate Research and Writing25009Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5143-493Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional25008Sourie, Eric, MHR
HROL12/4/1812/5/181/2-4/30, 2019HR 5003-495Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations25003Fream, Anita, MA
HROL1/31/192/1/193/1-4/30, 2019HR 5703-493International Human Relations25072Deacon, Zermarie, Ph.D.
HROL1/31/192/1/193/1-4/30, 2019HR 5110-491Multicultural Issues in Human Relations25070Habashi, Janette, Ph.D.
HROL1/31/192/1/193/1-4/30, 2019HR 5403-492Psychosocial Development25071Bert, Shannon, Ph.D. 
IROL2/1/192/2/193/2-15, 2019PSC 5513-491International Relations Theory25073Grillot, Suzette, Ph.D.
IROL2/3/192/4/193/4-31, 2019PSC 5913-491Introduction of Political and Administration Data25101Peck, Bob, Ph.D.
IROL3/4/193/5/194/2-23, 2019IAS 5793-491Graduate Studies in International Relations25014Grillot, Suzette, Ph.D.
IROL3/31/194/1/194/1-30, 2019IAS 5123-491African Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement25126Martinelli, Joseph, Ph.D.
IROL12/9/1812/10/181/7-4/17, 2019IAS 5940-494Topics in International Studies - International Terrorism25012Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL12/9/1812/10/181/7-4/17, 2019IAS 5940-499Topics in International Studies - EU, NATO and European Security25013Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL12/9/1812/10/181/7-4/17, 2019IAS 5940-504Topics in International Studies - International Terrorism 25098Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL12/9/1812/10/181/7-4/17, 2019IAS 5940-506Topics in International Studies - EU, NATO and European Security25099Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL12/9/1812/10/181/7-2/16, 2019IAS 5793-494Graduate Studies in International Relations25014Jobe, Jarrett, Ph.D.


Advanced Programs offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
COMMOC12/27/1812/28/181/25-27 and 2/1-3, 20193/5/19COMM 5333-103Organizational Communication25020Olufowote, James, Ph.D.
COMMOC3/7/193/8/194/5-7 and 4/12-14, 20195/14/19COMM 5253-101Cross Cultural Communication - Theory and Research25038Kramer, Eric, Ph.D.
COMMWA1/6/191/7/192/4-10, 20193/12/19COMM 5363-102Communication and Technology25086Lee, Sun Kyong, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
ECONFS1/31/192/1/193/1-3 and 3/8-10, 20194/9/19ECON 5990-113Special Studies - Chinese Economic Development25068Bell, Paul, Ph.D.
ECONFS3/7/193/8/194/5-7 and 4/12-14, 20195/14/19ECON 5033-104Managerial Economics I25039Burge, Gregory, Ph.D.
ECONOC12/27/1812/28/181/25-27 and 2/1-3, 20193/5/19ECON 5853-105World Economic Development25021Demir, Firat, Ph.D.
ECONVI3/11/193/12/194/9-14, 20195/14/19ECON 5990-105Special Studies - Chinese Economic Development25044Bell, Paul, Ph.D.
ECONWA12/30/1812/31/181/28-2/3, 20193/5/19ECON 5990-115Special Studies - Chinese Economic Development25024Bell, Paul, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
EDUCRA3/25/193/26/194/23-28, 20195/28/19EDSC 5523-220The Science of Learning Theories25046Feille, Kelly, Ph.D.
EDUCST4/1/194/2/194/30-5/5, 20196/4/19ILAC 5143-221Theory & Research in Education25063Brugar, Kristy, Ph.D. 



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HRFB2/17/192/18/193/18-24, 20194/23/19HR 5323-101Organizational Behavior in Human Relations25089Mendoza, Jorge, Ph.D.
HRFS1/31/192/1/193/1-3 and 3/8-10, 20194/9/19HR 5543-102Counseling with Diverse Populations25069Webster, Barbara, Prof. 
HRFS3/7/193/8/194/5-7 and 4/12-14, 20195/14/19HR 5403-106Psycho-Social Development25040Marlow, Kathryn, MSW
HRHB3/31/194/1/194/29-5/5, 20196/4/19HR 5133-101Change, Challenge and Creativity in the Workplace25057Mendoza, Jorge, Ph.D.
HRHM2/9/192/10/193/10-16, 20194/15/19HR 5343-301Conflict Resolution25077Worley, Jody, Ph.D.
HRLK2/11/192/12/193/12-17, 20194/16/19HR 5463-221Counseling Skills in Human Relations25088Davidson, Tim, Ph.D.
HRNA2/11/192/12/193/12-17, 20194/16/19HR 5323-223Organizational Behavior in Human Relations 25082Little, Richard, Ed.D.
HRNL12/30/1812/31/181/28-2/3, 20193/5/19HR 5013-106Current Problems in human Relations25025Randle, Rodger, J.D.
HRNL2/10/192/11/193/11-17, 20194/16/19HR 5403-107Psychosocial Development25079Jones-Parker, Marilyn, Ph.D.
HRRA12/10/1812/11/181/8-13, 20192/12/19HR 5093-228Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations25016Natale, Anthony, Ph.D.
HRRO2/11/192/12/193/12-17, 20194/16/19HR 5403-221Psychosocial Development25083Natale, Anthony, Ph.D.
HRSP12/31/181/1/191/29-2/3, 20193/5/19HR 5003-228Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations25027Williams, Thomas, Ph.D.
HRSP3/25/193/26/194/23-28, 20195/28/19HR 5703-221International Human Relations25048Randle, Rodger, J.D.
HRTK12/20/1812/21/181/18-20 and 1/25-27, 20192/26/19HR 5003-106Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations25018Davidson, Timothy, Ph.D.
HRTK1/24/191/25/192/22-24 and 3/1-3, 20194/2/19HR 5110-102Leadership in Difficult Times25067Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HRVI12/24/1812/25/181/22-27, 20192/26/19HR 5003-227Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations25019Williams, Thomas, Ph.D.
HRVZ2/18/192/19/193/19-24, 20194/23/19HR 5463-224Counseling Skills in Human Relations25033Johnson, Chad, Ph.D.
HRWA2/3/192/4/193/4-10, 20194/9/19HR 5053-104Diversity and Justice in Organizations25074Byrd, Marilyn, Ph.D.
HRWA3/31/194/1/194/29-5/5, 20196/4/19HR 5013-111Current Problems in Human Relations25055Deacon, Zermarie, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
IRAV12/31/181/1/191/29-2/3, 20193/5/19PSC 5550-221Problems in International Relations - Russian Politics25028Goode, Paul, Ph.D.
IRAV2/18/192/19/193/19-24, 20194/23/19COMM 6970-223Seminar - War, Peace and Media25032Edy, Jill, Ph.D. 
IRFS1/3/191/4/192/1-3 and 2/8-10, 20193/12/19PSC 5683-101Politics of Latin America25084Kenney, Charles, Ph.D.
IRFS3/7/193/8/194/5-7 and 4/12-14, 20195/14/19IAS 5793-105Graduate Studies in International Relations25042Jobe, Jarrett, Ph.D.
IRGK2/18/192/19/193/19-24, 20194/23/19PSC 5550-225Problems in International Relations - Inter-American Politics25066Ryan, Jeffrey, Ph.D.
IRHB1/6/191/7/192/4-10, 20193/12/19IAS 5940-106Topics in International Studies - Small Wars/Low Intensity Conflict25056Fishel, John, Ph.D.
IRHB3/3/193/4/194/1-7, 20195/7/19HIST 6600-104Seminar in Middle Eastern History - The Modern Middle East25037Snell, Daniel, Ph.D.
IRHM1/5/191/6/192/3-9, 20193/11/19HIST 6200-301Seminar in European History - The Great War, 1914-191825085Phillips, Judith, Ph.D.
IRHM3/30/193/31/194/28-5/4, 20196/3/19COMM 6323-301International Communication25053Lee, Sun Kyong, Ph.D.
IRMI4/1/194/2/194/30-5/5, 20196/4/19IAS 5123-220African Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement25058Martinelli, Joesph, Ph.D.
IROC12/27/1812/28/181/25-27 and 2/1-3, 20193/5/19SOC 5943-101Inequality in a Global Perspective25022Rambo, Karl, Ph.D.
IROC2/7/192/8/193/8-10 and 3/15-17, 20194/16/19IAS 5043-104Global Security25076Sartorius, Christopher, M.S.
IRRA12/31/181/1/191/29-2/3, 20193/5/19PSC 5913-223Introduction to Analysis of Political and Administrative Data25029Franklin, Aimee, Ph.D.
IRRA2/18/192/19/193/19-24, 20194/23/19COMM 6323-223Interntional Communication25031Hall, Harry, Ph.D.
IRSH12/31/181/1/191/29-2/3, 20193/5/19SOC 5970-222Special Topics/Seminar - Religion and Society25030Burns, Thomas, Ph.D.
IRSH3/11/193/12/194/9-14, 20195/14/19IAS 5043-221Global Security25121Sartorius, Christpher, M.S.
IRST12/10/1812/11/181/8-13, 20192/12/19IAS 5793-222Graduate Studies in International Relations25017Jobe, Jarrett, Ph.D.
IRST3/25/193/26/194/23-28, 20195/28/19GEOG 6230-221Seminar in Economic Geography - Globalization of Plant Foods and Fiber25080Hoagland, Bruce, Ph.D.
IRVI3/11/193/12/194/9-14, 20195/14/19ECON 5990-105Special Studies - Chinese Economic Development25044Bell, Paul, Ph.D.
IRWA3/10/193/11/194/8-14, 20195/14/19IAS 5940-107Topics in International Studies - International Activism25043Grillot, Suzette, Ph.D.
IRWI1/7/191/8/192/5-10, 20193/12/19HIST 6600-224Seminar in Middle Eastern History - The Modern Middle East25060Lewental, Dawid Gershon, Ph.D.