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ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse
ECONOL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018ECON 5990-491Special Studies - Middle Eastern Economics12661Demir, Firat, Dr.
HROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018HR 5093-491Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12713Allen, Katie, Dr.
HROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018HR 5023-491Research Methods in Human Relations12712Worley, Jody, Dr.
HROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018HR 5453-490Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling12660Marcus Mendoza, Susan, Dr.
HROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018HR 5013-491Current Problems in Human Relations12667Habashi, Janette, Dr.
HROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018HR 5053-490Diversity and Justice in Organizations12654Cannon, Allen, Dr.
HROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018HR 5003-491Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations12665Marcus Mendoza, Susan, Dr.
HROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018HR 5203-493Graduate Research and Writing12714Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL1/31/182/1/183/1-4/30, 2018HR 5713-493Women, Work and the Family12698Bert, Shannon, Dr.
HROL1/31/182/1/183/1-4/30, 2018HR 5703-492International Human Relations12718Deacon, Zermarie, Dr.
HROL1/31/182/1/183/1-4/30, 2018HR 5043-491Seminar in Organizational Change and Development12696Kimmel, Susan, Dr.
IROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018IAS 5940-495Topics in International Studies - Western Hemispheric Security: An American Dilemma12715Barnes, Bruce, Prof.
IROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018IAS 5940-496Topics in International Studies - Afghanistan in conflict12716Barnes, Bruce, Prof.
IROL12/4/1712/5/171/2-4/30, 2018IAS 5940-502Topics in International Studies - Afghanistan in conflict12788Barnes, Bruce, Prof.
IROL12/18/1712/19/171/16-27, 2018IAS 5940-498Topics in International Studies: Eastern European Politics12723Kovalov, Maksym, Ph.D.
IROL1/21/181/22/182/19-3/16, 2018HIST 6400-490Seminar in American History: American Foreign Policy Between the Wars12687Metcalf, Warren, Ph.D.
IROL2/18/182/19/183/19-4/13, 2017

IAS 5793-498

Graduate Studies in International Relations12728Jobe, Jarrett, Ph.D.
IROL3/18/183/19/184/16-28, 2018PSC 5513-490International Relations Theory12769Grilliot, Suzette, PhD
IROL3/18/183/19/184/16-27, 2018IAS 5213-491Politics of the European Union12796Smith, Mitchell, Ph.D


OU North America and Europe offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.


ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar
Course End DateCourse
COMMOC12/21/1712/22/171/19-21 and 1/26-28, 20182/27/18COMM 5333-102Organizational Communication12724Olufowote, James, Dr.
COMMOC2/8/182/9/183/9-11 and 3/16-18, 20184/17/18COMM 6233-103Small Group Processes12702Bisel, Ryan, Dr.
COMMOC3/22/183/23/184/20-22 and 4/27-29, 20185/29/18COMM 5213-105Interpersonal Communication12775Banas, John, Dr.
COMMWA12/24/1712/25/171/22-28, 20182/27/18COMM 6970-105Seminar: Communication and Humor12733Banas, John, Dr.
COMMWA3/11/183/12/184/9-15, 20185/15/18COMM 5023-102Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods12759Wong, Norman, Dr.


ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar
Course End DateCourse
ECONFS2/1/182/2/183/2-4 and 3/9-11, 20184/10/18ECON 5613-101International Economics-Trade12700Zhu, Zhen, Dr.
ECONFS3/8/183/9/184/6-8 and 4/13-15, 20185/15/18RCPL 5173-103Urban and Regional Analysis12756Marshment, Richard, Dr.
ECONOU12/21/1712/22/171/19-21 and 1/26-28, 20182/27/18ECON 5633-104International Economics-Finance12727Zhu, Zhen, Dr.
ECONOU1/25/181/26/182/23-25 and 3/2-4, 20184/3/18ECON 5990-106Special Studies - Economics of Taxation12692Burge, Gregory, Dr.
ECONOU3/22/183/23/184/20-22 and 4/27-29, 20185/29/18ECON 5033-101Managerial Economics I12771Mitra, Aparna, Dr.
ECONWA1/7/181/8/182/5-11, 20183/13/18ECON 5073-102Contemporary Economic Methods and Anyalysis12671Demir, Firat, Dr.
ECONWA3/25/183/26/184/23-29, 20185/29/18RCPL 5173-104Urban and Regional Analysis12776Marshment, Richard, Dr.


ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar
Course End DateCourse
EDUCRA1/8/181/9/182/6-11, 20183/13/18EDUC 6930-223Introduction to Teaching12672Baines, Lawrence, Dr.
EDUCRA3/5/183/6/184/3-8, 20185/8/18ILAC 5233-221Understanding Different Cultures12746Torres, Heidi, Dr.
EDUCST12/18/1712/19/171/16-21, 20182/20/18ILAC 6033-221Critical Research Paradigms12722Beach, Sara, Dr.
EDUCST2/12/182/13/183/13-18, 20184/17/18EDEL 5593-222Issues in Teaching in Elementary Schools12653Henry, Aiyana, Dr.
EDUCST2/12/182/13/183/13-18, 20184/17/18EDSE 5653-224Problems in Secondary Schools12655Henry, Aiyana, Dr.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar
Course End DateCourse
HRFB12/31/171/1/181/29-2/4, 20183/6/18HR 5003-104Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations12738Johnson, Chad, PhD
HRFB2/11/182/12/183/12-18, 20184/17/18HR 5053-102Diversity and Justice in Organizations12707Davidson, Maria, PhD
HRFS1/4/181/5/182/2-4 and 2/9-11, 20183/13/18HR 5003-105Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations12669Davidson, Timothy, PhD
HRFS2/1/182/2/183/2-4 and 3/9-11, 20184/10/18HR 5553-103Marital and Family Assessment12699Ring, Eva, PhD
HRFS3/8/183/9/184/6-8 and 4/13-15, 20185/15/18HR 5053-103Diversity and Justice in Organizations12754Tan, David, PhD
HRHB12/31/171/1/181/29-2/4, 20183/6/18HR 5093-110Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12740Nash, Susan, PhD
HRHB2/18/182/19/183/19-25, 20184/24/18HR 5323-103Organizational Behavior in Human Relations12717Little, Richard, PhD
HRHM2/10/182/11/183/11-17, 20184/16/18HR 5053-301Diversity and Justice in Organizations12706Byrd, Marilyn, PhD
HRLK1/1/181/2/181/30-2/4, 20183/6/18HR 5013-223Current Problems in Human Relations12741Habashi, Janette, PhD
HRMI3/26/183/27/184/24-29, 20185/29/18HR 5403-220Psycho-Social Developement12778Marlow, Kathryn, Prof.
HRNA1/1/181/2/181/30-2/4, 20183/6/18HR 5023-220Research Methods in Human Relations12742Mendoza, Jorge, PhD
HRNA2/12/182/13/183/13-18, 20184/17/18HR 5463-220Counseling Skills in Human Relations12709Davidson, Timothy, Dr.
HRNL2/4/182/5/183/5-11, 20184/10/18HR 5133-102Change, Challenge and Creativity in the Workplace12701Mendoza, Jorge, PhD
HROU12/21/1712/22/171/19-21 and 1/26-28, 20182/27/18HR 5013-103Current Problems in Human Relations12726Henderson, George, PhD
HROU12/21/1712/22/171/19-21 and 1/26-28, 20182/27/18HR 5483-101Diagnosis in Human Relations Counseling12725Jones-Parker, Marilyn, PhD
HROU1/4/181/5/182/2-4 and 2/9-11, 20183/13/18HR 5023-102Research Methods in Human Relations12676Worley, Jody, PhD
HROU1/4/181/5/182/2-4 and 2/9-11, 20183/13/18HR 5743-101Violence Against Women and Children12675Bert, Shannon, PhD
HROU2/1/182/2/183/2-4 and 3/9-11, 20184/10/18HR 5663-103Psychopathology12691Moore, Robert, Prof.
HROU2/1/182/2/183/2-4 and 3/9-11, 20184/10/18HR 5563-101Career Counseling12690Allen, Katie, PhD
HROU2/8/182/9/183/9-11 and 3/16-18, 20184/17/18HR 5003-107Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations12705Fream, Anita, Prof.
HROU2/8/182/9/183/9-11 and 3/16-18, 20184/17/18HR 5113-104Cultural Diversity in Human Relations12704Roberson, Tamara, PhD
HROU2/8/182/9/183/9-11 and 3/16-18, 20184/17/18HR 5493-102Assessment and Evaluation12703Jones-Parker, Marilyn, PhD
HROU3/8/183/9/184/6-8 and 4/13-15, 20185/15/18HR 5453-106Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling12752Adams, Judith, PhD
HROU3/22/183/23/184/20-22 and 4/27-29, 20185/29/18HR 5093-112Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12773Lloyd-Jones, Brenda, PhD
HROU3/22/183/23/184/20-22 and 4/27-29, 20185/29/18HR 5463-110Counseling Skills in Human Relations12772Charney, Marc, Ph.D.
HRRA12/18/1712/19/171/16-21, 20182/20/18HR 5453-221Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling12721Robillard-Rook, Aimee, Prof.
HRRA1/22/181/23/182/20-25, 20183/27/18HR 5013-222Current Problems in Human Relations12689Williams, Thomas, PhD
HRRO2/12/182/13/183/13-18, 20184/17/18HR 5113-220Stress Management12710Howard, Melinda, PhD
HRSP2/12/182/13/183/13-18, 20184/17/18HR 5433-220Group Counseling in Human Relations12652Adams, Judith, PhD
HRTK12/21/1712/22/171/19-21 and 1/26-28, 20182/27/18HR 5013-117Current Problems in Human Relations12729Randle, Rodger, PhD
HRTK2/15/182/16/183/16-18 and 3/23-25, 20184/24/18HR 5183-101Seminar in Issues in Human Relations Training12659Coberg, Richard, PhD
HRTK3/22/183/23/184/20-22 and 4/27-29, 20185/29/18HR 5073-101Creative Problem Solving12774Howard, Melinda, PhD
HRVI12/25/1712/26/171/23-28, 20182/27/18HR 5093-223Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12735Karpiak, Irene, Ph.D.
HRVI3/12/183/13/184/10-15, 20185/15/18HR 5623-220Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder12656Johnson, Chad, Ph.D.
HRWA2/11/182/12/183/12-18, 20184/17/18HR 5093-111Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12708Martin, Janna, PhD
HRWA3/18/183/19/184/16-22, 20185/22/18HR 5143-101Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional12768Byrd, Marilyn, PhD
HRWI12/25/1712/26/171/23-28, 20182/27/18HR 5083-220Seminar in Group Dynamics12736Durbin, Marilyn, Prof.
HRWI2/12/182/13/183/13-18, 20184/17/18HR 5023-221Research Methods in Human Relations12657Terry, Robert, PhD


ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar
Course End DateCourse
IRAV12/18/1712/19/171/16-21, 20182/20/18ECON 5023-222Statistics for Decision Making12719Holmes, Alexander, Dr.
IRAV3/12/183/13/184/10-15, 20185/15/18IAS 5363-220Cultures of Latin America12789Spencer, Anthony, Dr.
IRFS1/4/181/5/182/2-4 and 2/9-11, 20183/13/18CAS 5970-104Special Topics/Seminar - Chinese Culture and Communication12668Bell, Paul, Dr.
IRFS3/8/183/9/184/6-8 and 4/13-15, 20185/15/18PSC 5513-101International Relations Theory12750Krutz, Glen, Dr.
IRGK1/22/181/23/182/20-25, 20183/27/18ECON 5613-221International Economics-Trade12688Cobb, Steven, Dr.
IRHB1/28/181/29/182/26-3/4, 20184/3/18IAS 5013-102International Law12785Gismondi, Giovanna, Prof.
IRHB3/18/183/19/184/16-22, 20185/22/18CAS 5970-105Special Topics/Seminar - Chinese Culture and Communication12767Bell, Paul, Dr.
IRHM12/23/1712/24/171/21-27, 20182/26/18PSC 5913-301Introduction to Analysis of Political and Administrative Data12731Peck, Bob, Dr.
IRHM2/17/182/18/183/18-24, 20184/23/18PSC 5550-302Problems in International Relations: - Inter-American Politics12663Ryan, Jeffrey, Dr.
IRHM3/31/184/1/184/29-5/5, 20186/4/18IAS 5123-301African Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement12781Martinelli, Joseph, Ph.D.
IRLK3/12/183/13/184/10-15, 20185/15/18HIST 6600-222Seminar in Middle Eastern History - The Modern Middle East12760Lewental, Dawid Gershon, Dr.
IRMI12/18/1712/19/171/16-21, 20182/20/18HIST 6800-220Remembering the Asia-Pacific War12720Faison, Elyssa, Dr.
IROC1/4/181/5/182/2-4 and 2/9-11, 20183/13/18IAS 5793-101Graduate Studies in International Relations12670Jobe, Jarrett, Dr.
IROC2/15/182/16/183/16-18 and 3/23-25, 20184/24/18HIST 6300-102Seminar in Latin America - Culture and Identify in Latin America12658Cane Carrasco, James, Dr.
IROC3/22/183/23/184/20-22 and 4/27-29, 20185/29/18GEOG 6220-101Seminar in Human Geography - Critical Geopolitics12770Purcell, Darren, Dr.
IRRA2/12/182/13/183/13-18, 20184/17/18PSC 5123-220The Making of American Foreign Policy12711Krutz, Glen, Dr.
IRRA3/26/183/27/184/24-29, 20185/29/18HIST 6300-221Seminar in Latin American History - Culture and Identity in Latin America12779Spencer, Anthony, Dr.
IRSH1/1/181/2/181/30-2/4, 20183/6/18SOC 5943-220Inequality in a Global Perspective12744Rambo, Karl, Dr.
IRSH3/5/183/6/184/3-8, 20185/8/18IAS 5793-229Graduate Studies in International Relations12739Grillot, Suzette, Dr.
IRSH1/8/181/9/182/6-11, 20183/13/18ECON 5853-221World Economic Development12673Sanderson, Patricia, Dr. 
IRST3/12/183/13/184/10-15, 20185/15/18IAS 5940-234Topics in International Studies - EU, NATO and European Security12761Barnes, Bruce, Prof.
IRVI1/1/181/2/181/30-2/4, 20183/6/18GEOG 6240-222Seminar in Resource and Environment Geography - Climate Change and Society12747Greene, John, Dr.
IRVI3/12/183/13/184/10-15, 20185/15/18IAS 5793-226Graduate Studies in International Relations12762Jobe, Jarrett, Dr.
IRWA1/28/181/29/182/26-3/4, 20184/3/18IAS 5043-101Global Security12695Sartorius, Christopher, Prof.
IRWA3/4/183/5/184/2-8, 20185/8/18PSC 5523-101Morality of Foreign Policy12730Fishel, John, Dr.
IRWA4/1/184/2/184/30-5/6, 20186/5/18GEOG 6220-102Seminar in Human Geography - Critical Geopolitics12782Pierce, Joseph, Dr.
IRWI1/8/181/9/182/6-11, 20183/13/18COMM 6323-220International Communication12674Hall, Harry, Dr.
IRWI3/12/183/13/184/10-15, 20185/15/18PSC 5653-221Democracies and Democratization12763Kenney, Charles, Dr.


ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
SWKOU1/15/181/15/181/16 - 5/1, 20185/31/18SWK 5103-105Generalist Practice-Individual, Families and Treatment Groups12678Hyde, Charles, Prof.
SWKOU1/17/181/17/181/18-5/3, 20186/2/18SWK 5093-103Social Work Research Methods II12679Wright, David, PhD
SWKOU1/15/181/15/181/16-5/1, 20185/31/18

SWK 5313-104

Social Welfare Policy Practice and Analysis12677Natale, Anthony, Ph.D.
SWKOU1/17/181/17/181/18 - 5/3, 20186/2/18SWK 5243-104Human Behavior-Groups, Organizations and Communities12680Kibble, Anthony, Prof.
SWKOU1/18/181/18/181/19 -3/3, 20184/2/18SWK 5093-101Social Work Research Methods II12681Wright, David, PhD.
SWKOU1/18/181/18/181/19 -3/3, 20184/2/18SWK 5103-102Generalist Practice-Individuals, Families and Treatment Groups12682Hyde, Charles, Prof.
SWKOU1/19/181/19/181/20-5/5, 20186/4/18SWK 5973-103Advanced Integrative Seminar for Direct Social Work Practice12686Riley, Ann, PhD
SWKOU1/19/181/19/181/20 - 5/5, 20186/4/18SWK 5613-102Advanced Group Work12684Barker, Cynthia, Prof.
SWKOU1/19/181/19/181/20 - 5/5, 20186/4/18SWK 5613-103Advanced Group Work12685Page, Tiffany, Prof.
SWKOU1/19/181/19/181/20 - 5/5, 20186/4/18SWK 5973-101Advanced Integrative Seminar for Direct Social Work Practice12683Fletcher, Elizabeth, Prof.
SWKOU3/15/183/15/183/16 - 4/28, 20185/28/18SWK 5243-102Human Behavior II-Groups, Organizations and Communities12764Durrett, Sue, Prof.
SWKOU3/15/183/15/183/16 - 4/28, 20185/28/18SWK 5313-103Social Welfare Policy Practice and Analysis12765Natale, Anthony, PhD.