Extended Campus North America and Europe Course Schedules and Syllabi - Fall 2020 By Program

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ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse DatesCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020HR 5093-497Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Allen, Katie, PhD
HROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020HR 5023-493Research Methods in Human Relations Bert, Shannon, PhD
HROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020HR 5013-493Current Problems in Human Relations Habashi, Janette, PhD
HROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020HR 5003-493Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, PhD
HROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020HR 5623-493Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, PhD
HROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020HR 5203-490Graduate Research and Writing for Human Relations Nash, Susan, PhD
HROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020HR 5053-494Diversity and Justice in Organizations Worley, Jody, PhD
HROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020HR 5453-491Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling Staff
IROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020IAS 5793-496Graduate Studies in International Relations Shah, Aqil, PhD
IROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020IAS 5940-492Topics in International Studies - Modern Statecraft Barnes, Bruce, MA
IROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020IAS 5940-494Topics in International Studies - Women and Terrorism Szitanyi, Stephanie, PhD
IROL8/3/208/4/209/1-12/31, 2020IAS 5373-492Media Conflict in Latin America Spencer, Anthony, PhD
IROL9/29/209/30/2010/28-11/16, 2020IAS 5940-503Topics in International Studies - Terrorism in Africa Martinelli, Joseph, PhD
HROL10/3/2010/4/2011/1-12/31, 2020HR 5043-493Seminar in Organizational Change and Development Kimmel, Susan, MA
HROL10/3/2010/4/2011/1-12/31, 2020HR 5113-494International Training and Development Roberson, Tamara, EdD
HROL10/3/2010/4/2011/1-12/31, 2020HR 5293-491Multicultural Issues in Human Relations Habashi, Janette, PhD
HROL10/3/2010/4/2011/1-12/31, 2020HR 5833-491Human Resource Development Byrd, Marilyn, PhD
IROL11/8/2011/9/2012/7-13, 2020IAS 5940-239Topics in International Studies - Gender and War Szitanyi, Stephanie, PhD


Advanced Programs offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
COMMOC8/20/208/21/209/18-20 and 9/25-27, 202010/27/20COMM 5053-102Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods Hsieh, Elaine, PhD
COMMOC10/1/2010/2/2010/30-11/1 and 11/6-8, 202012/8/20COMM 6423-101Communication in Health Organizations Olufowote, James, PhD
COMMWA8/23/208/24/209/21-27, 202010/27/20COMM 5013-102Introduction to Graduate Study Wong, Norman, PhD
COMMWA10/4/2010/5/2011/2-8, 202012/8/20COMM 5393-101Risk and Crisis Communication Bessarabova, Elena, PhD



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
EDUCRA8/17/208/18/209/15-20, 202010/20/20EDRG 6930-223Literacy Across the Curriculum Ruan, Jiening, PhD
EDUCRA11/9/2011/10/2012/8-13, 20201/12/20ILAC 5003-221Models of Instruction Brugar, Kristy, PhD
EDUCST8/31/209/1/209/29-10/4, 202011/3/20EDSE 5653-222Problems of Teaching in Secondary Schoold Henry, Aiyana, PhD
EDUCST8/31/209/1/209/29-10/4, 202011/3/20EDEL 5593-223Issues in Teaching in Elementary Schools Henry, Aiyana, PhD
EDUCST10/19/2010/20/2011/17-22, 202012/22/20EDEC 6533-222Program Evaluation Horm, Diane, PhD



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HRFB8/23/208/24/209/21-27, 202010/27/20HR 5093-103Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Staff
HRFB11/8/2011/9/2012/7-13, 20201/12/21HR 9999-101TBA Staff
HRFS8/13/208/14/209/11-13 and 9/18-20, 202010/20/20HR 9999-102TBA Staff
HRFS9/24/209/25/2010/23-25 and 10/30-11/1, 202012/1/20HR 5043-101Seminar in Organizational Change and Development Mendoza, Jorge, PhD
HRHB9/20/209/21/2010/19-25, 202011/24/20HR 5093-102Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Staff
HRHM9/19/209/20/2010/18-24, 202011/23/20HR 5110-301Leadership in Difficult Times Nash, Susan, PhD
HRLK10/19/2010/20/2011/17-22, 202012/22/20HR 5003-224Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations Davidson, Timothy, PhD
HRMI8/31/209/1/209/29-10/4, 202011/3/20HR 5093-226Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Natale, Anthony, PhD
HRNA9/21/209/22/2010/20-25, 202011/24/20HR 5143-223Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional Byrd, Marilyn, PhD
HRNA11/9/2011/10/2012/8-13, 20201/12/21HR 5013-230Current Problems in Human Relations Deacon, Zermarie, PhD
HRRA10/5/2010/6/2011/3-8, 202012/8/20HR 5023-221Research Methods in Human Relations Williams, Thomas, PhD
HRRO9/28/209/29/2010/27-11/1, 202012/1/20HR 5013-225Current Problems in Human Relations Randle, Rodger, PhD
HRRO11/9/2011/10/2012/8-13, 20201/12/21HR 5463-227Counseling Skills in Human Relations Johnson, Chad, PhD
HRSP8/24/208/25/209/22-27, 202010/27/20HR 5013-224Current Problems in Human Relations Randle, Rodger, PhD
HRTK8/27/208/28/209/25-27 and 10/2-4, 202011/3/20HR 5323-103Organizational Behavior in Human Relations Mendoza, Jorge, PhD
HRTK11/5/2011/6/2012/4-6 and 12/11-13, 20201/12/21HR 5013-108Current Problems in Human Relations Williams, Thomas, PhD
HRVI8/24/208/25/209/22-27, 202010/27/20HR 5093-225Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations Cannon, Allen, PhD
HRVI11/2/2011/3/2012/1-6, 20201/5/21

HR 5143-221

Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional Staff
HRWA8/16/208/17/209/14-20, 202010/20/20HR 5013-101Current Problems in Human Relations Meyer, Charles, PhD
HRWA9/27/209/28/2010/26-11/1, 202012/1/20HR 5623-101Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Bohanan, Harriet, Prof.
HRWI8/31/209/1/209/29-10/4, 202011/3/20HR 5463-222Counseling Skills in Human Relations Davidson, Timothy, PhD
HRWI11/2/2011/3/2012/1-6, 20201/5/21HR 5003-223Theoretical Foundation of Human Relations Fuenzalida, Luz-Eugenia, PhD



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
IRAV8/24/208/25/209/22-27, 202010/27/20IAS 5793-227Introduction to Graduate Studies in International Relations Cruise, Rebecca, PhD
IRAV10/19/2010/20/2011/17-22, 202012/22/20IAS 5940-228Topicsin International Studies - Practice of Diplomacy Andrew, Robert, Prof.
IRFS8/13/208/14/209/11-13 and 9/18-20, 202010/20/20GEOG 6230-103Seminar in Economic Geography - Energy Systems and Sustainability Gliedt, Travis, PhD
IRFS9/24/209/25/2010/23-25 and 10/30-11/1, 202012/1/20IAS 6600-101Seminar in Middle Eastern History - Stateless People Anderson, Gary, PhD
IRGK9/21/209/22/2010/20-25, 202011/24/20IAS 5940-222Topics in International Studies - Practice of Diplomacy Andrew, Robert, Prof.
IRHB11/1/2011/2/2011/30-12/6, 20201/5/21IAS 9999-102TBA Staff
IRHM8/15/208/16/209/13-19, 202010/19/20HIST 6400-301Seminar in American History - American Experience in Vietnam Levy, David, PhD
IRHM11/7/2011/8/2012/6-12, 20201/11/21GEOG 6220-301Seminar in Human Geography - Critical Geopolitics Smith, Laurel, PhD
IRMI11/2/2011/3/2012/1-6, 20201/5/21HIST 6300-221Seminar in Latin America History - Culture and Identity in Latin America Cane Carrasco, James, PhD
IROC8/27/208/28/209/25-27 and 10/2-4, 202011/3/20HIST 6400-102Seminar in American History: American Foreign Policy between the World Wars Metcalf, R Warren, PhD
IROC10/15/2010/16/2011/13-15 and 11/20-22, 202012/22/20IAS 9999-108TBA Staff
IRRA8/31/209/1/209/29-10/4, 202011/3/20IAS 5940-506Topics in International Studies - Practice of Diplomacy Andrew, Robert, Prof.
IRSH8/17/208/18/209/15-20, 202010/20/20IAS 5793-230Graduate Studies in International Relations Sartorius, Christopher, PhD
IRSH11/9/2011/10/2012/8-13, 20201/12/21HIST 6200-224Seminar in European History - The Great War Stockdale, Melissa, PhD
IRST8/17/208/18/209/15-20, 202010/20/20COMM 6323-224International Communication Hall, Harry, PhD
IRST9/28/209/29/2010/27-11/1, 202012/1/20IAS 5013-221International Law Gismondi, Giovanna, Prof.
IRVI9/21/209/22/2010/20-25, 202011/24/20IAS 5793-231Graduate Studies in International Relations Grillot, Suzette, PhD
IRWA9/6/209/7/2010/5-11, 202011/10/20SOC 5970-103Special Topics/Seminar - Overview of Environmental Issues from a Global/Strategic Perspective Burns, Thomas, PhD
IRWA11/8/2011/9/2012/7-13, 20201/12/21IAS 5940-239Topics in International Studies - Gender and War Szitanyi, Stephanie, PhD
IRWI10/5/2010/6/2011/3-8, 202012/8/20IAS 5793-232Graduate Studies in International Relations Jobe, Jarrett, PhD