Extended Campus North America and Europe Course Schedules and Syllabi - Fall 2018 By Program

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ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsCourse DatesCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
ECONOL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018ECON 5990-494Special Studies - Middle Eastern Economics12611Demir, Firat, Ph.D.
ECONOL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018ECON 5990-492Special Studies - Government Relations to Business12609Liu, Qihong, Ph.D.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5533-491Counseling Approaches12706Allen, Katie, Ph.D.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5023-493Research in Human Relations12622Bert, Shannon, Ph.D.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5013-493Current Problems in Human Relations12621Deacon, Zermarie, Ph.D.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5003-494Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations12614Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5453-491Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling12637Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5203-490Graduate Research and Writing12633Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5113-495International Training and Development12630Roberson, Tamara, Ed.D.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5093-493Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12627Fream, Anita, M.A.
HROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018HR 5053-491Diversity and Justice in Organizations12625Worley, Jody, Ph.D.
HROL10/3/1810/4/1811/1-12/31, 2018HR 5403-491Psychosocial Development12638Habashi, Janette, Ph.D.
HROL10/3/1810/4/1811/1-12/31, 2018HR 5043-492Seminar in Organizational Change and Development12634Kimmel, Susan, Ph.D.
IROL8/9/188/10/189/7-12/11, 2018IAS 5940-497Topics in International Studies - Western Hemispheric Security: An American Dilemma12648Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL8/9/188/10/189/7-12/11, 2018IAS 5940-491Topics in International Studies - Afghanistan in Conflict12644Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018IAS 5940-492Topics in International Studies - Global Climate Change Policy12647Gibson, Adam, Ph.D.
IROL8/3/188/4/189/1-12/31, 2018IAS 5123-492African Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement12639Martinelli, Joseph, Ph.D.
IROL8/7/188/8/189/5-19, 2018IAS 5940-500Topics in International Studies - Eastern European Politics12704Kovalov, Maksym, Ph.D.
IROL9/1/189/2/189/11-25, 2018PSC 5513-220International RelationsTheory12677Grillot, Suzette, Ph.D.
IROL9/16/189/17/1810/15-31, 2018IAS 5793-496Graduate Studies in International Relations12655Smith, Mitchell, Ph.D.
IROL9/21/189/22/1810/20-12/31, 2018PSC 5123-490The Making of American Foreign Policy12651Krutz, Glen, Ph.D.
IROL9/24/189/25/189/25-10/9, 2018COMM 6970-491Seminar: War, Peace, and Media12734Hall, Harry, Ph.D.
IROL10/20/1810/21/1811/1-29, 2018HIST 6400-491Seminar in American History: American Foreign Policy Between the Wars12735Metcalf, Warren, Ph.D.
IROL10/15/1810/16/1811/5-18, 2018PSC 5913-101Introduction to Analysis of Political and Administrative Data Franklin, Aimee, Ph.D. 


Advanced Programs offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
COMMOC8/30/188/31/189/28-30 and 10/5-7, 201811/6/18COMM 5013-103Introduction to Graduate Studies12607Miller, Claude, Ph.D.
COMMOC9/27/189/28/1810/26-28 and 11/2-4, 201812/4/18COMM 5023-103Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods12697Cionea, Ioana, Ph.D.
COMMOC11/15/1811/16/1812/14-16, 2018 and 1/4-6, 20192/5/19COMM 5373-102Communication and Leadership12700Bisel, Ryan, Ph.D.
COMMWA9/23/189/24/1810/22-28, 201811/27/18COMM 6970-101Seminar - Small Groups and Extremism12675Reedy, Justin, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
ECONFS9/20/189/21/1810/19-21 and 10/26-28, 201811/27/18ECON 5990-103Special Studies - Economics of Energy12664Zhu, Zhen, Ph.D.
ECONFS11/1/1811/2/1811/30-12/2 and 12/7-9, 20181/8/19MGT 6973-101Seminar - Human Resource Management12682Buckley, Michael, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
EDUCRA8/27/188/28/189/25-30, 201810/30/18EDEL 5593-220Issues in Teaching in Elementary Schools12604Baines, Lawrence, Ph.D.
EDUCRA8/27/188/28/189/25-30, 201810/30/18EDSE 5653-221Problems of Teaching in Secondary Schools12606Baines, Lawrence, Ph.D.
EDUCRA10/15/1810/16/1811/13-18, 201812/18/18ILAC 5143-220Theory & Research in Education12654Houser, Neil, Ph.D. 
EDUCST8/27/188/28/189/25-30, 201810/30/18EDMA 5153-222Problem Centered Learning12605Reeder, Stacy, Ph.D.
EDUCST11/5/1811/6/1812/4-9, 20181/8/19EDSC 5523-221The Science of Learning Theories12698Hill, Crag, Ph.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
HRFB8/19/188/20/189/17-23, 201810/23/18HR 5013-102Current Problems in Human Relations12687Deacon, Zermarie, Ph.D.
HRFB10/14/1810/15/1811/12-18, 201812/18/18HR 5113-103Cultural Diversity12643Davidson, Maria, Ph.D.
HRFS8/16/188/17/189/14-16 and 9/21-23, 201810/23/18HR 5413-101Chemical Dependency12707Hooks, Elizabeth, Prof. 
HRFS9/20/189/21/1810/19-21 and 10/26-28, 201811/27/18HR 5603-101Play Therapy with Children12667Jones-Parker, Marilyn, Ph.D.
HRFS11/1/1811/2/1811/30-12/2 and 12/7-9, 20181/8/19HR 5023-104Research in Human Relations12678Mendoza, Jorge, Ph.D.
HRHB9/16/189/17/1810/15-21, 201811/20/18HR 5023-103Research in Human Relations12652Meyer, Charles, Ph.D.
HRHB10/28/1810/29/1811/26-12/2, 20181/1/19HR 5403-104Psychosocial Development12656Natale, Anthony, Ph.D.
HRHM8/11/188/12/189/9-15, 201810/15/18HR 5593-301Multicultural Counseling12657Davidson, Timothy, Ph.D.
HRHM9/29/189/30/1810/28-11/3, 201812/3/18HR 5093-301Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12618Pope, Myron, Ph.D.
HRLK8/20/188/21/189/18-23, 201810/23/18HR 5093-227Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12691Anderson, Chalon, Ph.D.
HRMI10/29/1810/30/1811/27-12/2, 20181/1/19HR 5003-226Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations12665Johnson, Chad, Ph.D.
HRNA8/13/188/14/189/11-16, 201810/16/18HR 5110-220International Conflict Resolution12666Randle, Rodger, J.D.
HRNL8/19/188/20/189/17-23, 201810/23/18HR 5093-104Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12689Byrd, Marilyn, Ph.D.
HRNL11/4/1811/5/1812/3-9, 20181/8/19HR 5110-106Leadership in Difficult Times12686Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HRRA9/10/189/11/1810/9-14, 201811/13/18HR 5033-223Leadership in Organizations12641Marlow, Kathryn, MSW
HRRA10/29/1810/30/1811/27-12/2, 20181/1/19HR 5003-231Theoretical Foundations of Human Relations12668Gilliland, Kirby, Ph.D.
HRRO9/10/189/11/1810/9-14, 201811/13/18HR 5023-227Research in Human Relations12636Mendoza, Jorge, Ph.D.
HRRO10/15/1810/16/1811/13-18, 201812/18/18HR 5033-222Leadership in Organizations12653Nash, Susan, Ph.D.
HRSP8/13/188/14/189/11-16, 201810/16/18HR 5453-222Ethical Issues in Human Relations Counseling12672Johnson, Chad, Ph.D.
HRSP10/1/1810/2/1810/30-11/4, 201812/4/18HR 5023-226Research in Human Relations12626Hellman, Chan, Ph.D.
HRTK8/23/188/24/189/21-23 and 9/28-30, 201810/30/18HR 5093-105Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations12601Solomon, Glenn, Ph.D. 
HRTK9/27/189/28/1810/26-28 and 11/2-4, 201812/4/18HR 5113-102Managing conflict in the Workplace12613Wahnee, Robbie, Ph.D.
HRTK11/8/1811/9/1812/7-9 and 12/14-16, 20181/15/19HR 5163-101Seminar in Nonverbal Behavior in Human Relations12701Durbin, Marilyn, Ph.D.
HRVI8/13/188/14/189/11-16, 201810/16/18HR 5023-225Research in Human Relations12663Hellman, Chan, Ph.D.
HRVI10/1/1810/2/1810/30-11/4, 201812/4/18HR 5323-222Organizational Behavior in Human Relations12629Little, Richard, Ed.D.
HRWA10/28/1810/29/1811/26-12/2, 20181/1/19HR 5403-105Psychosocial Development12659Habashi, Janette, Ph.D.
HRWI8/20/188/21/189/18-23, 201810/23/18HR 5143-222Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional12693Gabert, Trent, Ph.D.
HRWI9/24/189/25/1810/23-28, 201811/27/18HR 5013-226Current Problems in Human Relations12688Randle, Rodger, J.D.



ProgSiteAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse TitleCRNInstructor
IRAV10/29/1810/30/1811/27-12/2, 20181/1/19IAS 5043-224Global Security12670Sartorius, Christopher, M.S.
IRFS8/16/188/17/189/14-16 and 9/21-23, 201810/23/18IAS 5940-102Small Wars/Low Intensity Conflict12681Fishel, John, Ph.D.
IRFS9/20/189/21/1810/19-21 and 10/26-28, 201811/27/18IAS 5043-102Global Security12669Sartorius, Christopher, M.S.
IRGK9/10/189/11/1810/9-14, 201811/13/18PSC 5523-220Morality and Foreign Policy12645Clinton, William, Ph.D.
IRGK11/5/1811/6/1812/4-9, 20181/8/19IAS 5363-223Cultures in Latin America12709Spencer, Anthony, Ph.D
IRHB11/4/1811/5/1812/3-9, 20181/8/19RELS 5970-101Special Topics/Seminar - Islamic Culture12696Kimball, Charles, Ph.D.
IRHM8/18/188/19/189/16-22, 201810/22/18COMM 6970-301Seminar - War, Peace and Media12683Miller, Claude, Ph.D.
IRHM9/22/189/23/1810/21-27, 201811/26/18CAS 5970-302Special Topics/Seminar - Chinese Culture and Communication12671Bell, Paul, Ph.D.
IRHM11/3/1811/4/1812/2-8, 20181/7/19GEOG 6240-301Seminar in Resource and Environment Geography - Climate Change and Society12684Greene, John, Ph.D.
IRLK10/1/1810/2/1810/30-11/4, 201812/4/18GEOG 6220-221Seminar in Human Geography - Critical Geopolitics12623Purcell, Darren, Ph.D.
IRMI8/13/188/14/189/11-16, 201810/16/18IAS 5793-221Graduate Studies in International Relations12674Jobe, Jarrett, Ph.D.
IROC8/30/188/31/189/28-30 and 10/5-7, 201811/6/18IAS 5213-101Politics of the European Union12608Smith, Mitchell, Ph.D.
IROC9/27/189/28/1810/26-28 and 11/2-4, 201812/4/18ECON 5990-104Special Studies - Comparative Economic Systems12702Demir, Firat, Ph.D.
IROC11/8/1811/9/1812/7-9 and 12/14-16, 20181/15/19IAS 5940-103International Activism12703Cruise, Rebecca, Ph.D.
IRRA8/13/188/14/189/11-16, 201810/16/18ECON 5853-220World Economic Development12662Sanderson, Patricia, Ph.D.
IRRA10/1/1810/2/1810/30-11/4, 201812/4/18IAS 5940-220Topics in International Studies - EU, NATO and European Security12631Barnes, Bruce, M.A.
IRSH10/15/1810/16/1811/13-18, 201812/18/18GEOG 5113-221Quantitative Methods in Geographical Research12650Hoagland, Bruce, Ph.D.
IRST10/29/1810/30/1811/27-12/2, 20181/1/19COMM 5253-220Cross Cultural Communication: Theory and Research12661Jackson-Kerr, Roni, Prof. 
IRWA9/30/1810/1/1810/29-11/4, 201812/4/18IAS 5940-108U.S. Diplomatic History12620McPherson, Alan, Ph.D.
IRWA11/4/1811/5/1812/3-9, 20181/8/19IAS 5940-104Topics in International Studies - National Security Leadership12690Fishel, John, Ph.D.
IRWI9/10/189/11/1810/9-14, 201811/13/18GEOG 6220-222Seminar in Human Geography - Critical Geopolitics12628Smith, Laurel, Ph.D.
IRWI10/29/1810/30/1811/27-12/2, 20181/1/19PSC 5550-220Problems in International Relations - Russian Politics12673Goode, Paul, Ph.D.