The OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies is working to move onsite courses across North America and Europe online or reschedule as best meets the University of Oklahoma policies and your military base guidelines regarding COVID-19.  

Our entire College of Professional and Continuing Studies community is working closely together to ensure continued instruction and academic assistance with the least amount of interruption possible during these unprecedented times. Your college staff and your site director will continue to update you about the status of your upcoming course registration. Please contact your site director for additional questions.  

North America and Europe Course Updates 

SiteProgramCourse NumberCourse TitleStatus
FSHRHR5293-101-20Multicultural Issues in Human RelationsONLINE - Completed
FSIRHIST6600-105-20Seminar in Middle Eastern History: The Modern Middle EastONLINE - March 13 - April 7
HBHRHR5343-104-20Conflict ResolutionONLINE - original course dates
RAEDUCILAC5233-221-20Understanding Different CulturesONLINE - original course dates
ROHRHR5093-223-20Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human RelationsONLINE - original course dates
WIHRHR5093-222-20Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human RelationsONLINE
LKIRPSC5550-222-20Problems in International Relations: Russian PoliticsONLINE - original course dates
OCCOMMCOMM5263-102-20Health CommunicationONLINE - March 20 - April 7
WACOMMCOMM5023-101-20Introduction to Quantitative Research MethodsONLINE - original course dates
RAHRHR5013-223-20Current Problems in Human RelationsONLINE - original course dates
STEDUCILAC6033-222-20Critical Research ParadigmsONLINE - original course dates
MIHRHR5623-222-20Post Traumatic Stress DisorderONLINE - April 14- 27
WAHRHR5143-101-20Human Resources for the Human Relations ProfessionalONLINE - original course dates
WIIRIAS5940-231-20Topics in International Studies: EU, NATO and European SecurityONLINE - April 14 - May 3
TKHRHR5343-101-20Conflict ResolutionONLINE - original course dates
STIRIAS5043-225-20Global SecurityONLINE - original course dates
FSHRHR5023-106-20Research Methods in Human RelationsONLINE - original course dates
TKHRHR5003-105-20Theoretical Foundations of Human RelationsONLINE - original course dates
FBHRHR5623-103-20Post Traumatic Stress DisorderONLINE - original course dates
OCIRIAS5940-105-20Topics in International Studies: Global Perspectives on GenderONLINE - original course dates
OCIRIAS5793-101-20Graduate Studies in International RelationsONLINE - April 17 - May 1
HMIRSOC5970-301-20Special Topics/Seminar: Religion and SocietyONLINE - April 19 - May 4
HBIRGEOG6220-101-20Seminar in Human Geography: Critical GeopoliticsCANCELED
WAIRIAS5940-117-20Topics in International Studies: Terrorism in AfricaONLINE - Aprl 20 - May 3
HMHRHR5433-301-20Group Counseling in Human RelationsONLINE - original course dates
WAIRIAS5940-115-20Topics in International StudiesONLINE - June 22 - July 12
VZHRHR5323-226-20Organizational Behavior in Human RelationsCANCELED
OLIRECON5853-491-20World Economic DevelopmentONLINE
WAHRHR5003-102-20Theoretical Foundations of Human RelationsONLINE - original course dates
SHIRIAS5940-238-20Topics in International Studies: U.S. Diplomatic HistoryONLINE - original course dates
HBHRHR5013-105-20Current Problems in Human RelationsONLINE - original course dates
ROHRHR5003-222-20Theoretical Foundations in Human RelationsONLINE - original course dates
AVIRPSC5913-221-20Introduction to Analysis of Political and Administrative DataONLINE - original course dates
WIHRHR5623-223-20Post Traumatic Stress DisorderONLINE - May 12- 24
SPHRHR5343-221-20Conflict ResolutionONLINE - original course dates
RAIRIAS5940-239-20Topics in International Studies: Eastern European PoliticsONLINE - May 12 - 26
HMIRHIST6400-302-21Seminar in American History: American Foreign Policy between the World WarsONLINE - July 12 - August 2
HBIRPSC5683-102-21Politics of Latin AmericaONLINE - original course dates
HBHRHR5100-101-21International/Intercultural AwarenessONLINE - original course dates
WACOMMCOMM5233-101-21Communication and Social ChangeONLINE - original course dates
FSIRIAS5043-103-21Global SecurityONLINE - original course dates
OCCOMMCOMM5363-103-21Communication and TechnologyONLINE - July 17 - August 2