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Online Course Information

The University of Oklahoma offers graduate courses in the following online formats*:

  • Online courses – instructor-led courses conducted online within a specified time period.
  • Independent Directed Readings (IDR) – courses and assignments pre-arranged by special permission for independent study by the student.

Online courses may not exceed 50% of coursework for graduate degree completion. Special rules apply to individual degree programs.

Degree Requirements

Who Can Enroll in OU Online Courses?

  • Students in any OU degree program for which the specific Distance Learning course meets a program requirement.
  • Students from other colleges and universities who want to take an OU Distance Learning course for transfer credit.
  • Individuals who need a course to meet continuing education requirements.

College of Professional and Continuing Studies Office Contact

Online Courses:

Chad Manos
Phone: (405) 325-0504
Email: aponline@ou.edu

Directed Reading Courses:

Chad Manos
Phone: (405) 325-1959
Email: chaddles@ou.edu

Advanced Programs
University of Oklahoma Outreach
300 Kellogg Drive
Norman, OK 73072
Fax: (405) 325-9148

Independent Directed Reading Courses

The following Independent Directed Reading courses are available by special permission only. Contact your academic department for permission to enroll.
M.A. in Communication 
DIRECTED READINGS - comm5960 (3 credit hours)

M.A. in Economics
RESEARCH IN ECONOMIC PROBLEMS - econ5940 (2 or 3 credit hours)
READINGS IN SELECTED FIELDS OF ECONOMICS - econ5960 (1-3 credit hours)

Master of Human Relations
PRACTICUM IN HUMAN RELATIONS - hr 4113 (3 credit hours)
INTERNSHIP IN HUMAN RELATIONS - hr 5200 (1 to 6 credit hours)
DIRECTED READINGS IN HUMAN RELATIONS - hr 5960 (1 or 3 credit hours)
INDEPENDENT STUDY - hr 5990 (1-3 credit hours)

M.A. in International Relations
DIRECTED READINGS - cas 5960 (1-3 credit hours)