OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies North America and Europe Frequently Asked Questions

The following is an FAQ list about OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies North America and Europe. If your question is not included on this page, please contact us:

North America - Email advancedprograms@ou.edu or call (405) 325-2250.

Europe - Email apeuadmin@ou.edu or call 011-49-6221-768118.

The University of Oklahoma is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The highest level of college work offered is the doctoral degree. The Higher Learning Commission is located at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604. Telephone: 1-800-621-7440.

Access our schedule on the Extended Campus North America and Europe Student Resources page. Syllabi are linked to each course ID number.

Classes are held at our sites around the world. Sites are available in the United States and Europe.

United States Locations

  • Fort Benning, Georgia
  • Fort Sill/Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Hickam AFB, Hawaii
  • Hurlburt Field, Florida
  • Nellis AFB, Nevada
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
  • Washington, D.C.

Europe Locations

  • Ansbach, Germany
  • Aviano, Italy
  • Geilenkirchen, Germany
  • Lakenheath, United Kingdom
  • Mildenhall, United Kingdom
  • Naples, Italy
  • Ramstein AFB, Germany
  • Rota, Spain
  • SHAPE, Belgium
  • Spangdahlem, Germany
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Vicenza, Italy
  • Vilseck, Germany
  • Wiesbaden, Germany

No. As long as you have a bachelor's degree from an accredited school and meet the admissions standards, you may enroll in any OU degree program being offered worldwide. Your undergraduate degree may be in any subject area, and no specific courses are needed as prerequisites.

No. Admission to OU is based on your last 60 hours of letter-graded undergraduate coursework, or, if you have already taken graduate work, it is based on 12 or more hours of letter-graded graduate work. In cases of a low GPA, exceptional scores on the GRE or MAT may be used as one piece of supplemental evidence of your ability to do graduate-level work.

Yes, but you may need to reapply for admission. You have one year from the semester that you apply to begin taking classes. For example, if you applied for admission at any time in January through the end of April (spring semester), you would have until the end of the spring term (April 30) the following year to begin taking classes without reapplying for admission. You do not have to pay the admission fee to reapply.

If you take approximately six semester hours of course work per term, you can complete any of the OU master's degree programs in six terms (two years).  If you take more than six semester hours per term, you can earn your degree in four or five terms (16-20 months).

Once you have been admitted, OU North America and Europe offers continuous, ongoing enrollment. You may enroll in a class at any time during the term, as long as you enroll before the add/drop date for that class.* You may enroll for all of the classes you plan to take at the start of the term, or you can enroll for each class individually during the term.

*Under certain circumstances, a late enrollment can be completed after the add/drop date. Please see your site director for more information.

Yes. The schedule for the programs at each site allows for program completion at that site. However, you may also take classes at another OU site if you are not able to take a course when it is offered at your site, if you would prefer to take a course being offered at another site or if you wish to accelerate your program. Additional options such as online classes, independent study and independent directed readings may be available for your degree. Contact your site director for information.

As part of our intensive course format, in-class sessions for most of our courses are completed in one week, with classes held on weekday evenings and all day or part of the day on Saturday and Sunday. In-class sessions for courses held at sites in Oklahoma are scheduled over two consecutive weekends.

Typically, you will spend 30 days prior to the first class session preparing for the course. You may also have course assignments with due dates up to 21 days after the last class session to complete the course requirements as designated by the instructor. The amount of time this will take will depend on the nature of the course assignments, your background in the area, your study/work habits, and other personal factors. For specific information about out-of-class requirements, please review the syllabus posted for the course you are interested in taking.

The intensive class format allows faculty, who deliver the program on the Norman campus, to teach the same courses at our sites worldwide.  Professors are away from their campus teaching assignments for only one or two weeks while teaching our courses. The intensive format also allows employed adults, especially active duty military, to take courses which fit into their busy schedules.

You can enroll in up to 16 hours in any term, including the Summer semester.

Yes. If you are attending another university and want to take an OU course, take the following steps:

  1. Fill out an application and mark "visitor" 
  2. Provide a "letter of good standing" from the graduate dean of your university
  3. Include the $50.00 application fee by check or money order
  4. Mail your completed, signed application with application fee to The University of Oklahoma, New Colllege Registration & Records, 1710 Asp Ave., Room B1, Norman OK 73072-6400.
  5. You are not required to provide transcripts.

The generic dual master's degree program allows a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma the option of earning two master's degrees simultaneously. For example, students may pursue the following combinations: Master of Human Relations and Master of Arts in International Relations, or a variety of other combinations of OU degrees.

To pursue the dual degree program, you must be admitted to both programs before 12 credit hours are completed in either program. To complete the dual degree program, you must meet all degree requirements for both programs and graduate with both degrees in the same semester. 

Up to 20% of the total graduate credit hours required for both degrees taken individually may be double counted, i.e. counted as credit for both master's programs. The double-counted courses must be appropriate for both degree programs and be approved by the two programs.

Contact your site director for more information about the dual degree program.

All degree course work must be completed within five calendar years of your first graduate enrollment with OU.  Extensions may be granted for a variety of reasons (such as job relocation, military duty, pregnancy, illness, a serious accident, divorce, or personal tragedies in one's family). Students must petition the academic department and Graduate College for an extension beyond the five-year time limit.

Tuition varies by location, so contact your OU Site Director for details.

Tuition charges will be applied to your OU bursar account at the beginning of each semester.

Once the charge has been posted to the student’s bursar account, the student can pay the tuition charges by logging on to ONE using their OUNetID and password.

Those who make payments to their Bursar account using a credit card will incur a 2.75% convenience fee. This is to offset the fees charged to the University for offering credit card services. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

Students who wish to pay online using a personal check can do so by entering the routing number of the check and the account number.

If available, students can use military tuition assistance, VA benefits, major financial aid programs, and training funds with 1556 forms.

Twenty-five percent of tuition charges are due by the 15th of the month following the month in which the charges are applied. If payment is not received by the due date, late-payment charges are applied and a Bursar hold is placed on your account, preventing further enrollment.

SemesterSemester End Date:ast day to pay Bursar Bill
FallDecember 31January 21
SpringApril 30May 21
SummerAuguest 31September 21


There is no penalty if you drop a course because of job requirements (e.g., TDY, deployment, change in work schedule), health or other valid reasons and supply documentation.

There is no penalty if you drop a course at least 30 days before the course begins.

A 25% penalty will be assessed if you drop a course without a documented reason 15-29 days before the class.

A 50% penalty will be assessed if you drop a course without a documented reason 1-14 days before the class.

A 100% penalty will be assessed if you are a “no show” or drop after the class begins without a documented reason.

We strongly encourage you to purchase your books from the OU bookstore. We work closely with the bookstore to ensure that the correct books for your class are on the shelves in plenty of time for you to order and receive them before the 30-day preparatory period begins. Buying from another supplier could cause problems with shipping, receiving the correct book and timelines. We cannot provide you with customer support if you use another supplier.

If you PCS/ETS before your degree is completed, there are several ways to complete your coursework: 

  1. You may complete on campus in Norman or at any of our other sites that offer your program or course work.
  2. You may transfer in up to 25% of the semester hours of credit from another accredited school in your elective area to complete the required number of credit hours needed to graduate.
  3. You may complete your program of coursework through online courses, independent directed readings or independent study.

Contact your local site director for more information.

A diploma earned at any of our sites worldwide will look the same as a diploma earned on the Norman campus. The diploma will state the degree which you have earned, (e.g., Master of Human Relations or Master of Arts).