OU Extended Campus programs located at military installations throughout the United States and Europe have moved all Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 courses into virtual formats. Please see Schedules and Syllabi by Program to best view all courses available for Spring and Summer.

Extended Campus North American and Europe Course Schedules and Syllabi - Fall 2021 by Program

Course syllabi are available approximately 10 weeks prior to the course start date.  Please click on the course number to access the syllabus.  All syllabi are provided as PDF documents.

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Course NumberCourse TitleCRN Instructor
HROL8/3/218/4/219/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5093-494Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations13043Allen Katie, PhD
HROL8/3/218/4/219/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5013-495Current Problems in Human Relations13041Habashi Janette, PhD
HROL8/3/218/4/219/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5003-495Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations13040Deacon Zermarie, PhD
HROL8/3/218/4/219/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5023-495Research Methods in Human Relations13042Bert Shannon, PhD
HR OL8/3/218/4/219/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5203-495Graduate Research and Writing for Human Relations13045Nash Susan, PhD
HROL8/3/218/4/219/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5323-492Organizational Behavior in Human Relations13046Worley Jody, PhD
HROL8/3/218/4/219/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5143-491Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional13044Byrd Marilyn, PhD
HROL10/3/2110/4/2111/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5113-495The Role of Gender in Warfare13089Deacon Zermarie, PhD
HROL10/3/2110/4/2111/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5113-491International Training and Development13088Roberson Tamara,  Prof.
HROL10/3/2110/4/2111/1-12/31, 20211/30/22HR 5293-492Multicultural Issues in Human Relations13090Habashi Janette, PhD
IROL8/15/218/16/219/13-11/21, 202112/21/21IAS 5940-502Topics in International Studies: Western Hemispheric Security: An American Dilemma13049Barnes Bruce, Prof.
IROL8/22/218/23/219/20-10/30, 202111/29/21IAS 5940-506Topics in International Studies: U.S.-Russia Relations13099Andrew Robert, PhD
IROL8/22/218/23/219/20-10/25, 202111/24/21IAS 5793-494Graduate Studies in International Relations13103Jobe Jarrett, PhD
IROL9/12/219/13/2110/11-25, 202111/24/21IAS 5940-492Topics in International Studies: Women and Terrorism13107Stephanie Szitanyi, PhD
IROL10/6/2110/7/2111/4-15, 202112/15/21IAS 5013-495International Law13075Gismondi Giovanna, PhD
IROL9/26/219/27/2110/25-11/14, 202112/14/21IAS 5123-492African Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement13070Martinelli Joseph, Ph.D


OU Extended Campus offers onsite courses at locations in Europe, North America, and Hawaii.  Class days and times vary; please see the individual syllabus for this information.

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Course TitleCRNInstructor
OCCOMM8/26/218/27/219/24-26 and 10/1-3, 202111/2/21COMM 5023-104Face to FaceIntroduction to Quantitative Research Methods13054Bessarabova, Elena, PhD
OCCOMM9/30/2110/1/2110/29-31 and 11/5-7, 202112/7/21COMM 6423-103VirtualCom1munication in Health Organizations13085Olufowote, James, PhD
WACOMM8/22/218/23/219/20-26, 202110/26/21COMM 5013-103Face to FaceIntroduction to Graduate Studies13052Miller, Claude, PhD
WA COMM10/31/2111/1/2111/29-12/5, 20211/4/22COMM 6323-101VirtualInternational Communication13080Lee, Sun Kyong, PhD


SiteProgAdd/DropCourse Start DateSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse FormatCourse TitleCRNInstructor
RAEDUC9/27/219/28/2110/26-31, 202111/30/21EDEL 5593-221Face to FaceIssues in Teaching in Elementary Schools13082Henry, Aiyana, PhD
RAEDUC9/27/219/28/2110/26-31, 202111/30/21EDSE 5653-221Face to FaceProblems of Teaching in Secondary Schools13084Henry, Aiyana, PhD
RAEDUC11/8/2111/9/2112/7-12, 20211/11/22EDSS 5343-221Face to FaceGlobal Education13101Brugar, Kristy, PhD
STEDUC8/16/218/17/219/7-10/5, 202110/19/21ILAC 5003-223VirtualModels of Instruction13051Lake, Vickie, PhD
STEDUC10/18/2110/19/2111/16-21, 202112/21/21ILAC 5143-221Face to FaceTheory & Research in Education13079Feille, Kelly, PhD
SiteProgAdd/DropCourse Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse FormatCourse TitleCRNInstructor
FSHR9/16/219/17/2110/15-17 and 10/22-24, 202111/23/21HR 5113-101Face to FaceInternational Training and Development13061Roberson Tamara Prof.
HBHR9/19/219/20/2110/18-24, 202111/23/21HR 5013-106Face to FaceCurrent Problems in Human Relations13062Rodger Randle PhD
HMHR9/25/219/26/2110/24-30, 202111/29/21HR 5143-301VirtualHu0man Resources for the Human Relations Professional 13068Byrd Marilyn PhD
LKHR8/16/218/17/219/14-19, 202110/19/21HR 5013-220Face to FaceCurrent Problems in Human Relations13050Randle Rodger PhD
MIHR11/8/2111/9/2112/7-12, 20211/11/22HR 5053-223Face to FaceDiversity and Justice in Organizations13095Cannon Allen PhD
NAHR9/20/219/21/2110/19-26, 202111/25/21HR 5023-229VirtualResearch Methods in Human Relations13064Williams Lee, PhD
NAHR11/1/2111/2/2111/30-12/5, 20211/4/22HR 5323-221VirtualOrganizational Behavior in Human Relations13091Susan Nash, PhD
RAHR9/20/219/21/2110/19-24, 202111/23/2021HR 5453-223Face to FaceEthical Issues in Human Relations Counseling13065Johnson Chad PhD
RAHR10/18/202110/19/202111/16-21, 202112/21/2021HR 5093-221VirtualIntroduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations 13077Pope Myron PhD
ROHR10/4/2110/5/2111/2-7, 202112/7/21HR 5023-227VirtualResearch Methods in Human Relations 13074Williams Lee PhD
SPHR11/1/2111/2/2111/30-12/5, 20211/4/22HR 5703-221VirtualInternational Human Relations13092Roberson Tamara Prof.
TKHR8/26/218/27/219/24-26 and 10/1-3, 202111/2/21HR 5033-101VirtualLeadership in Organizations13056Nash Susan PhD
TKHR9/30/2110/1/2110/29-31 and 11/5-7, 202112/7/21HR 5003-104Face to FaceTheoretical Foundations in Human Relations13086Fuenzalida Eugenia PhD
VIHR9/20/219/21/2110/19-24, 202111/23/21HR 5003-221Face to FaceTheoretical Foundations in Human Relations13063Davidson Timothy PhD
VIHR11/8/2111/9/2112/7-12, 20211/11/22HR 5100-222VirtualInternational/ Intercultural Awareness13097Roberson Tamara Prof.
WAHR8/15/218/16/219/13-19, 202110/19/21HR 5023-102Face to FaceResearch Methods in Human Relations13048Wright David PhD
WAHR9/26/219/27/2110/25-31, 202111/30/21HR 5133-101VirtualChange, Challenge, and Creativity in the Workplace13069Mendoza Jorge PhD
WIHR8/30/218/31/219/28-10/3, 202111/2/21HR 5023-226Face to FaceResearch Methods in Human Relations13059Williams Lee PhD
Site ProgAdd/Drop Course Prep BeginsSeminar DatesCourse End DateCourse NumberCourse FormatCourse TitleCRNInstructor
AVIR10/4/2110/5/2111/2-7, 202112/7/21HIST 6400-221VirtualSeminar in American History - American Foreign Policy between the World Wars13073Metcalf, Warren, PhD
FSIR8/12/218/13/219/10-12 and 9/17-19, 202110/19/21IAS 5940-101Face to FaceTopics in International Studies - Practice of Diplomacy13047Andrew, Robert, PhD
FSIR11/4/2111/5/2112/3-5 and 10-12, 20211/11/22IAS 5793-101Face to FaceGraduate Studies in International Relations13094Sartorius, Christopher, PhD
GKIR9/20/219/21/2110/19-24, 202111/23/21IAS 5940-223VirtualTopics in International Studies - International systems and the UN13067Jobe, Jarrett, PhD
GKIR11/1/2111/2/2111/30-12/5, 20211/4/22RELS 5970-221VirtualSpecial Topics/Seminar - Comparative Religions13093Kimball, Charles, PhD
HBIR10/31/2111/1/2111/29-12/5, 20211/4/2021IAS 5940-109Face to FaceTopics in International Studies: Modern Statecraft13081Barnes Bruce Prof.
HMIR9/4/219/5/2110/3-9, 202111/8/21IAS 5940-303Face to FaceTopics in International Studies - Global Climate Change Policy 13060Gibson, Adam, PhD
LKIR10/18/2110/19/2111/16-21, 202112/21/21IAS 5940-224Face to Facetopics in International Studies - Practice of Diplomacy13078Andrew, Robert, PhD
MIIR8/30/218/31/219/28-10/3, 202111/2/21ECON 5990-220VirtualSpecial Studies - Middle Eastern Economics 13058Demir, Firat, PhD
OCIR8/26/218/27/219/24-26 and 10/1-3, 202111/2/21GEOG 6230-104VirtualSeminar in Economic Geography - Geography and the World Economy 13055Gliedt, Travis, PhD
OCIR9/30/2110/1/2110/29-31 and 11/5-7, 202112/7/21IAS 5940-104Face to FaceTopics in International Studies - International Terrorism 13087Cruise, Rebecca, PhD
RAIR8/23/218/24/219/21-26, 202110/26/21IAS 5793-221Face to FaceGraduate Studies in International Relations13053Sartorius, Christopher, PhD
RAIR11/1/2111/2/2111/30-12/5, 20211/4/22IAS 5483-201Face to FaceMinorities in the Middle East13100Gershon Lewental, PhD
SHIR8/23/218/24/219/21-26, 202110/26/21GEOG6240-223Face to FaceSeminar in Resource and Environment Geography: Climate Change and Society13102John Greene, PhD
SHIR11/8/2111/9/2112/7-12, 20211/11/22IAS5373-223 Face to FaceMedia Conflict in Latin America13098Anthony Spencer PhD
STIR9/27/219/28/2110/26-31, 202111/30/21ECON 5990-221VirtualSpecial Studies - Chinese Economic Development 13071Bell, Paul, PhD
VIIR10/18/2110/19/2111/16-21, 202112/21/21GEOG 6230-222Face to FaceSeminar in Economic Geography: Globalization of Plant Foods and Fiber13076Bruce Hoagland PhD
WAIR8/29/218/30/219/27-10/3, 202111/2/21IAS 5940-111VirtualTopics in International Studies: Women and Gender in South Asia13057Bushra Asif, Prof.
WAIR10/3/2110/4/2111/1-7, 202112/7/21IAS 5213-101Face to FacePolitics of the European Union13066Smith, Mitchell, PhD
WIIR10/4/2110/5/2111/2-7, 202112/7/21HIST 5970-220-22Face to FaceSpecial Topics: Modern Nations: Bismarck and Ben Gurion13072Alan Levenson PhD