Course syllabi and text ordering information are available 10 weeks prior to the first day of class.

Requests for copies of older syllabi that are no longer available on the website should be sent to Please include the following information: site (base) where course was taken, year, and semester.

The schedules are published for your convenience. Any and all course materials, syllabus, lessons, lectures, etc. are the property of the professor teaching the course and the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma and are protected under applicable copyright laws.


Spring Term: 1 January-30 April

Summer Term: 1 May-31 August

Fall Term: 1 September-31 December


Students enroll using ONE for each semester on the following dates. Enrollment will open at 7 a.m. (U.S. Central Time).

  • Spring Enrollments will open on 1 November 
    (or on the following Monday if 1 November falls on a weekend)
  • Summer Enrollments will open on 1 March
    (or on the following Monday if 1 March falls on a weekend)
  • Fall Enrollments will open on 1 July 
    (or on the following Monday if 1 July falls on a weekend)

Please note: ONE will not allow students to enroll in two courses of the same course number (e.g. HR 5110, HR 5970, ECON 5990). If you encounter problems with this issue, please contact your local site director for assistance with permission to enroll in additional sections.



The information in this section is for students enrolled in degree programs located outside of the main OU campus,  primarily at military sites in North America or Europe. These programs are administered by OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies, but each program resides within its distinct academic department or college at the University of Oklahoma; the programs are developed and courses taught by faculty from those colleges.