Degree Requirements

33 credit hours required
Recommended enrollments are 6 hours fall and spring semesters, 3 hours in the summer.
A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is needed for graduation.

Core Course

LSTD 5003 Introduction to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies (3 hours)* 
LSTD 5013 Interdisciplinary Foundations (3 hours)
LSTD 5043 Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies OR LSTD 5083 Qualitative Research Methods (3 hours)**  
LSHA 5113 Strategic Planning and Evaluation in HHSA (3 hours) Prerequisite for all other HHSA courses
LSHA 5133 Cultural, Social, and Diversity Issues in HHSA (3 hours)
LSHA 5153 Ethics in HHSA

*NOTE: LSTD 5003 and LSTD 5013 must be taken as your first courses

**NOTE: To be taken after completing LSHA 5113, LSHA 5133 and LSHA 5153

All core courses must be completed prior to taking electives.


LaDawn Jones
(405) 325-6421

Lindsey Gunderson
(405) 325-5827

Elective Course

Electives - 9 hours required from the following or other courses as approved:

Elective courses are offered on a rotational basis. Please check for specific semester availability.

LSHA 5313 Cross Cultural Health Issues in HHSA (3 hours)
LSHA 5403 Geriatric Issues in HHSA (3 hours)
LSHA 5513 Psychological Aspects of Disabilities in HHSA (3 hours)
LSHA 5700 Advanced Topics in Administrative Leadership (3 hours)
LSHA 5920 Internship (3 hours)
LSAL 5113 Theories of Leadership (3 hours)
LSAL 5133 Cultures of Organizations (3 hours)
LSAL 5163 The Individual and Leadership (3 hours)
LSAL 5203 Leadership Issues in Decision Making (3 hours)
LSAL 5423 Women and Leadership (3 hours)
LSTD 5960 Directed Readings in Interdisciplinary Studies (3 hours)

Degree Completion

6 hours required from one of the following:

LSTD 5980 Thesis or 6 hours of HHSA elective coursework and written comprehensive examination

Degree Planning Worksheet

Human and Health Services Degree Planning Worksheet