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Degree Requirements

  • The Master of Arts with a major in Economics requires 32 credit hours (14 Core / 18 Elective / 2 Completion).
  • Recommended enrollments are 6 hours fall and spring semesters, 3 hours in the summer.
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is needed for graduation.

Core Courses

Most of the required and elective courses are offered via Extended Campus North America on the Oklahoma City campus. 

  • ECON 5023 Statistics for Decision Making (not currently offered on main campus) 
    • Alternative: MATH 4753 Applied Statistical Methods
  • ECON 5033 Managerial Economics I (AP-NOR)
  • ECON 5073 Contemporary Economic Methods and Analysis (AP-NOR)
  • ECON 5043 Managerial Economics II (AP-NOR)
    • Alternative: ECON 5853 World Economic Development
  • Research Paper (2 hours-taken in last semester upon completion of required coursework) 
  • ECON 5940 Research in Economic Problems. A faculty supervisor must be arranged before a student can enroll in ECON 5940.


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Elective Courses

  • Economics electives: Along with the above core courses, a minimum of six credit hours and a maximum of 12 credit hours of economics electives must be taken. 
  • Non-economics electives: Along with the above core and elective courses, a minimum of six credit hours must be taken in the area of management and finance. 

Up to 12 hours of electives may be courses outside of economics (for example, MBA courses). Note that some 4000 level-economics courses can be taken for graduate credit (up to 12 hours total) and counted as electives for the Managerial Economics track. Many 5000- and 6000-level economics courses are PhD level courses and are not open to Managerial Economics track students.

Note: All electives must be approved by the academic advisor. Please consult with the academic advisor regarding appropriate economics electives

Degree Completion

To complete the Master of Arts with a major in Economics, you must complete a comprehensive exam. This exam is based on the core coursework and economics electives. It can be taken after all 30 hours of formal coursework (except ECON 5940) have been completed. Students must be enrolled in 2 credit hours (typically ECON 5940) the semester it is taken. One retake is allowed.

The exam is offered the first Friday in November, last Friday in March, and last Friday in June.