LSTD 5003 – Introduction to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies

Intensive seminar providing orientation to advanced interdisciplinary study, appreciation for standards of performance and scholarship appropriate to graduate study, development of skills necessary for success in academic research and writing in a graduate interdisciplinary program.

LSTD 5013 – Interdisciplinary Foundations

Selected readings designed to reinforce the interdisciplinary approach to graduate studies and to introduce the concept of paradigms as an organizing principle for understanding and interpreting information.

LSTD 5043 – Research Methods

This course focuses on enhancing your understanding of the fundamental concepts of research - concepts it is important for you to know to be an informed consumer of research and to write research proposals.

LSTD 5083 – Qualitative Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

An inquiry designed to acquaint students with qualitative research methods in interdisciplinary study. By the end of the course, the student will be familiar with the most common methods and issues qualitative research. Students will learn how to design a study; how to recognize and address ethical issues; and how to analyze qualitative data.

LSTD 5920 – Internship in Liberal Studies

Prerequisite: graduate standing, LSTD 5003, and permission of dean. May be repeated; maximum credit six hours. 75 working hours (per credit hour) of field experience directly related to study focus in the Master's program is required. Requirements include journal, reports, written summary, and comprehensive examination over these materials. (F, Sp, Su). See also:

Graduate Internship Packet

LSTD 5960 – Directed Readings in Interdisciplinary Study

An in-depth study of literature on a topic related to the student’s program of study; variable content. May be repeated with change of content; maximum credit nine hours.

LSTD 5980 – Thesis

Prerequisite: graduate standing, LSTD 5003, LSTD 5013, and completion of first concentration core course; or permission of dean. May be repeated; maximum credit six hours. Research and writing of a thesis for completion of PACS Extended Campus Online graduate degrees. (F, Sp, Su)  See also: Degree Completion Options