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Graduate Certificates provide an opportunity for a focused program of graduate study in a specified topic. Students will complete typically 12-15 hours of graduate coursework that is transcripted on their graduate record. They may complete the Certificate program while enrolled in a graduate degree program, or may be admitted directly to the Certificate program. Hours taken in completion of the Graduate Certificate may be applicable to a graduate degree program. The admission, retention, and completion GPA requirements are the same as for graduate degree programs.

Program Requirements

Focused program of graduate level coursework

Minimum of 12 hours of graduate credit, including a majority of 5000 and 6000 level courses
Minimum 3.0 GPA required for successful completion.
No substitution of courses or transfer courses are allowed in the Certificate program.

Admission and Retention

Students may apply to be admitted to the Graduate College to pursue the Certificate program, or they may complete the Certificate program while currently enrolled in a graduate degree program.

For students applying for admission to pursue the Certificate, the admission requirements and process are the same as for a degree-seeking student.

Certificate students must also meet the retention requirement of a 3.0 GPA, and will be put on probation if the GPA falls below 3.0. In this case, the student must bring the GPA up to 3.0 within the hours required for the Certificate, i.e. they may not take extra classes beyond the Certificate to boost their GPA.


The Graduate Certificate Program Report will be completed the term prior to completing the Certificate requirements.

For students enrolled in the Certificate program, the official transcript will denote the certificate program in the degree program description. For students completing the certificate while enrolled in a graduate degree, the transcript will indicate the certificate as a separate credential below the major.

Use of Certifcate Graduate Credit Towards a Agraduate Degree

Credit hours gained during a Certificate program are eligible to be applied to a graduate degree at OU. However, in all cases the specific hours that may be transferred in to the graduate degree are subject to the prevailing rules regarding transfer credit. Certificates hours completed while a student is enrolled in a graduate degree are not considered to be transfer credit.

Further information from the Graduate College

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