Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! We hope you are planning to attend our Winter 2019 Convocation!

You must apply for Graduation in order to receive your degree. You may access your online graduation application by logging into ONE and clicking on the Graduate a Sooner Channel under the Home Tab.

2019 Winter Convocation Wristbands

Due to the number of potential graduates we are anticipating this convocation, we will be issuing admission wristbands to graduates for their guests attending the Convocation. Because our Convocation venue has limited seating, the OU Graduation Office requires that physical tickets be issued to each graduate and that attendance be restricted to only those guests who are wearing an admission wristband. Each graduate will receive seven wristbands for their guests. Children under six, or children that can sit on someone’s lap, will not need a wristband; all other guests must have the wristband to gain admission into the auditorium.  

The wristbands are non-transferable. They may not be traded, sold or gifted to other students. Each student will receive their wristbands when they check in for convocation, and it is the student’s responsibility to distribute the wristbands to their guests. Due to the limited time between convocations, we must start on time. Late arrivals to the Convocation, or graduates who fail to RSVP, will not be accommodated. If you have responded that you will participate in the ceremony and later find that you will not be able to attend, please contact Missy Mitchell at to let her know. This aids in our planning to ensure we start on time. 

The Wednesday following our RSVP deadline, we will determine if there are any available seats in Catlett. If so, will we make those additional seats available to our graduates and guests on a first come, first served basis. No more than two additional seats will be granted per graduate, if they’re available.  

We look forwarding to seeing you at convocation!


Date: Saturday, December 14, 2019
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Student Arrival Time: 3:30 p.m. Check in at Wagner Hall
Location: McCasland Field House

151 East Brooks Street
RSVP: Graduates are required to RSVP and bring no more than seven guests to ensure seating for all in attendance.  Wristbands will be distributed to students for their guests at check-in. RSVP deadline is 11:59 p.m. Monday, December 2, 2019.
Parking:Use the lot that is on East Brooks Street and Monnett Avenue

Graduation Application Deadlines

Graduation DateApplication Due Date
DecemberSeptember 15
MayFebruary 15
AugustJune 1

Graduation Calendar

Important DateEvent
September 26-28Graduation Gear-Up
December 10-14Finals Week
TBDSpring 2019 Commencement
December 15Extended Campus Convocation


 Graduation Gear-Up

Are you graduating this semester? Graduation Gear-Up events offer a one-stop, convenient way to get all of the items you need to participate in commencement and convocation ceremonies. Graduation Gear-Up is scheduled for October 1 - 3, 2019 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. in the Molly Shi Boren Ballroom, Oklahoma Memorial Union. If you can't attend Graduation Gear-Up, you can order directly from Josten's.

 Graduate Information

Graduation information will be mailed to all students who have applied for graduation. Candidates may confirm an application by contacting the Admissions and Records Office at (405) 325-4147 and asking for the Records Department.

 Master's Degree and Doctoral Candidates

Please visit the Graduate College website for information regarding degree completion.

 How to Guides 

Get more information on wearing your academic Regalia, graduating with honors, and graduating with a 4.0 medallion.

 Convocation Schedule and Information

  • Student Arrival Time: 12 p.m.
  • Procession Start Time: 1 p.m.

 Accommodation for Disability

Graduates or guests who require accommodations should contact Missy Mitchell at (405) 325-2823. For more information on accomodations, please refer to the Disability Resource Center.

 Prohibited Items and Searches

Students and guests attending the OU Extended Campus Convocation ceremony are asked to leave behind certain items that are prohibited because of security or facility regulations.

Except for items pertaining to medical conditions or child care, all bags, backpacks, large cases for binoculars or other items, fanny packs and large purses (larger than 10-inch-by-10-inch) are prohibited. Prohibited items must be returned to the owner’s car or discarded, and any unlawful items are subject to confiscation.

OU's clear bag policy MUST be followed, check here for full details.

Items that are allowed for Convocations only include cameras and video cameras, baby strollers, and baby seats.

OU2GO iPhone App

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Whether you are a future student, parent, visitor, alumni, or OU fan, OU2GO is your mobile destination for campus weather, maps, videos, radio, and more information.

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Student Resources

RSVP- Graduates are required to RSVP to participate in the convocation. Please submit your RSVP by the deadline, so we can determine final attendance numbers. Seating is limited, and each student will be allowed to bring seven guests. Seating will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Your RSVP will not reserve a specific seat, but will help us determine numbers.

Please contact Josten's to order your cap and gown.

To order your announcements or the OU Tradition Ring, please visit Josten’s online store

All OU students must apply for graduation. An OU application for graduation was sent to graduate and undergraduate candidates in a separate mailing or online. EC graduate-level students should have submitted their Application for Graduation, along with their Permission to Defend form. If you have not submitted your Application for Graduation, please contact your academic advisor at (800) 522-4389 or (405) 325-1061. Completing the Application for Graduation does not mean you are cleared for graduation. If you have incomplete general education courses or need to makeup “I” grades from previous semesters, you will not officially graduate until all degree requirements have been met.

Undergraduates only - If you have maintained an overall grade point average on all hours completed, from every institution attended, you may be eligible to graduate with distinction.  

  • Distinction – If you have between 3.6 and 3.79 while working toward your undergraduate degree, you will be designated as graduating Distinction. 
  • Special Distinction - If you have between 3.8 to 3.99 while working toward your undergraduate degree, you will be designated as graduating Special Distinction. 

If you are graduating with either designation, you are eligible to wear a special gold hood over your graduation robes during the Convocation ceremony. The hood will be provided to you by the Josten's store at the same time you receive your cap and gown. 

Master’s students are not eligible for distinction or special distinction. 

OU Extended Campus provides the OU Graduation Office with a list of Distinction and Special Distinction graduates. If your name is not on the list at the Josten's store, located in the basement of the Fanatics store in the stadium, you will not receive the special regalia. If you believe you have been omitted from the list in error, please check your grade point status by visiting the OU Online Student Services webpage and printing out an unofficial copy of your transcript or contact your advisor.  

In order for students to be eligible for Academic Distinction they must earn, at minimum, two-thirds of their degree with grade point hours—in other words, 80 credit hours or more of graded work. Because the mark of “S” does not carry any grade points, it cannot be used as GPA hours, nor can it effect a student’s overall GPA. Earned military credit is designated with the “S” posting. 

If you have maintained a perfect 4.0 Overall Grade Point Average throughout your undergraduate education (on all hours completed, from every institution attended), you are eligible for a special 4.0 Convocation Medallion. 

Master’s students are not eligible for 4.0 medallions. 

Contact Missy Mitchell at for additional information.

You will receive your diploma approximately three months after you graduate. It will be mailed to you by the OU Admissions and Records Office. Please note that your diploma will read Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts or Master of Science or Master of Arts, not your degree program. Your transcript will indicate the program name.