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The Center for Independent and Distance Learning (CIDL) has no funds or arrangements for financial aid. OU students should contact OU's Office of Financial Aid at (405) 325-4521 for information concerning assistance. OU students who need full-time student status to qualify for financial aid should note that CIDL self-paced courses do not qualify for the credit-hour load nor flat rate tuition for any given semester. For example, if you enroll in nine hours on campus in the fall semester and also enroll in a three-hour CIDL course, you are still considered to be enrolled in only nine hours and are therefore not officially a full-time student.

*Tuition waivers cannot be used in lieu of payment for this course. Honors College, National Guard, OU staff, and others who use tuition waivers will be responsible for tuition and fees associated with this course. If you have questions about tuition waivers, contact us at testing@ou.edu or (405) 325-1921 to speak with a staff member..

University of Oklahoma Office of Financial Aid

Flat-rate tuition policy


Students wishing to use vocational rehabilitation funds or VA assistance should first contact va@ou.edu before enrollment.