The following rates and fees apply to our Self-Paced Courses only.

Effective August 1, 2018 - July 31, 2019

Tuition$180.00 per credit hour ** Military Tuition Assistance will pay $159.60 per credit hour.  Student owes balance of fees only. *Tuition and fees for out-of-state students are the same as those of Oklahoma residents when enrolled in self-paced courses.
Mandatory Course fees$162.85 per hour based on admission after 8/1/2018 <>$155.35 per hour based on admission after 8/1/2017
$147.85 per hour based on admission after 8/1/2016
Total Course Cost (without books)Three credit hour course- $1028.55
Four credit hour course - $1371.40
Five credit hour course - $1714.25

Payment methods

Payment will be charged to your OU bursar account at time of enrollment. You can see your total charges at ONE.


Required texts can be bought through our CIDL book store or at any website of your choice as long as you have the correct ISBN.  

Most textbooks for CIDL self-pace courses are not available through the Norman campus bookstore.   *Returns and buy backs of materials purchases through the CIDL Online Bookstore are handled by MBS Direct. Purchasers must abide by MBS's policies for returns and buy backs.

You are not required to purchase books through MBS Direct though it is highly recommended. 

NOTE: The costs of books, and all other prices, are subject to change without notice.

OU Electronic Statement

All course-related charges, except those for textbooks, lab kits, and other instructional course materials purchased through the CIDL Online Bookstore, are charged to your OU Bursar account. Access your Bursar through ONE, the official method of billing at the University of Oklahoma.

With E-statement, paper bills will not be mailed. There is a 1.5% service charge per month ($0.50 minimum) computed on the prior month's ending balance minus credits and other payments received. The service charge will be assessed on the first working day after the 21st of each month and is charged against the total unpaid account balance.

If you have already activated your OU account (your OUNet ID as username), please goto ONE, log in, and click on the Money Tab to access your bill.

If you have any problems with the OUNet Account Management System, please call (405) 325-HELP or (405) 325-4357 for assistance.