CESL students have access to everything OU students enjoy, including activities and events, student organizations, exercise and recreational facilities, the student union, and more.

Additionally, CESL hosts fun and cultural activities, including Culture Night, shopping, outdoor adventures, and more.

Cultural Activities

CESL organizes visits to fun and interesting places that all students can participate in. Below are links to a few of the places we've visited:

We also have all-school events at CESL such as Culture Night, holiday celebrations, and sporting activities. We provide many different opportunities outside the classroom for students to use their English skills.


Building Community

As a CESL student, community will take on two meanings for you. You will become part of a new family with your fellow students as you learn about OU and Norman in your classes and through group activities. You will also have opportunities to interact with Norman residents and to give back to the community through volunteering.

Big Event

Cowpokes Persons


Flag Football


Chopstick Holding Person


Sooner Fun Run