You will learn:

The General English Program offers two levels of English in the morning: Beginner and Intermediate.

Beginner Course:

No prior formal or informal English instruction is needed to enter this course. This course focuses on language needed for daily life. Students will learn English to interact in basic conversation, ask simple questions, and respond in areas of immediate need and familiar topics. 

Intermediate Course:

This course is for learners of English who want to continue their speaking and listening skills in areas related to getting a job or participating in conversations with other English speakers.  This course will also include reading and writing skills and how to use the computer for making presentations and communicating with others.  

Who can participate:

  • Adult learners (17+) with these visa types: F2, J1, J2, B1, B2
  • Adult learners (17+) who are green card holders, US citizens, and immigrants

Some restrictions may apply. We cannot issue an I-20 for this course. Current F1 visa holders and those with other visa types who are interested in the General English class should contact CESL more information at (405) 325-2351 or


Please note that applications will not be processed until the fee has been paid in full.


For more information:

Contact us at 405-325-2351 or