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Develop the Skills and Knowledge Needed to Succeed in the Contemporary Workplace

The Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Development and Workforce Diversity (HRD/WD) is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide range of professions, local, state, and government agencies, healthcare, and numerous other workforce industries. Earning the HRD/WD certificate demonstrates a dedication to individual growth and lifelong learning.

About the Human Resource Development and Workforce Diversity Certificate

Human Resource Development (HRD) is a growing field of practice that develops the skills and talents needed for today’s workforce. Because the workforce is composed of multiple social groups and social identities, individuals must work collaboratively and cooperatively to achieve competitive advantage for employers. Sustaining a workplace climate that is conducive to learning and development is crucial for that goal.

Program Type

12 hours 

What Can You Do with a Degree or Certificate in Human Relations?

The HRD/WD certificate program is designed to develop:

  • the necessary interpersonal and organizational competencies for applied and practical perspectives of the human resources profession,
  • an awareness of workforce trends influencing human resource practices,
  • an understanding of human behaviors in the workplace and ways that various organizational structures and work processes influence such behavior,
  • critical awareness for minimizing negative workplace behaviors and sustaining a healthy organizational climate,
  • philosophical and ethical perspectives needed to address social justice issues in organizations, and
  • fundamental strategies for designing and implementing programs that attract, develop, and retain workforce talent.


Program Requirements and Required Courses

This graduate certificate offers a program of graduate-level coursework in Human Resource Diversity and Development. Twelve hours of coursework are required:

  • HR 5143 Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional
  • HR 5323 Organizational Behavior
  • HR 5053 Diversity and Justice in Organizations (previously Racial Diversity in Organizations)
  • HR 5833 Human Resource Development

Note: You can apply the above courses from the HRD/WD towards a graduate degree in Human Relations. You can also apply related courses earned in the MHR to the HRD/WD. However, you cannot apply courses completed in one certificate program towards another graduate certificate. If you enroll in the certificate program first, you should enroll in the MHR degree program before you complete the last class so that those courses can be applied to the degree.

To earn the HRD/WD certificate, you must be admitted to the MHR program, another Human Relations certificate program, or any other graduate program at the University of Oklahoma. You must complete the Graduate Certificate Program Report (GCPR) form for the graduate certificate you wish to receive and submit it to the appropriate staff member. Faculty contact for the HRD/WD certificate is

Dr. Marilyn Y. Byrd. Email: Marilyn.Byrd-1@ou.edu

You can double count courses towards a graduate degree and a graduate certificate if you are in the MHR program.  However, you cannot double count classes towards more than one graduate certificate.  If you do the certificate first, be sure to enroll in the MHR degree program before you finish the last class so you can count all the classes towards the degree.

For Questions or More Information

OU Norman Campus:
(405) 325-2250
Email: advancedprograms@ou.edu

Visit OU's Department of Human Relations Website to learn more.

Manageable Accelerated Courses

All graduate courses in this certificate are designed to offer valuable training for HR professionals. The number of credit hours you take each semester should be discussed with your advisor and reflective of your personal and work schedules.

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