Pass rates -We’ve experienced pass rates of 95 percent, compared to the IADC overall pass rate of 83 percent. Some course providers experience far lower pass rates. When you consider the additional time and cost of retakes and possible missed work, this is an important consideration.

Assurance regarding quality -OU has been a leader in the energy industry for 70+ years and well control courses for more than 30 years. A course delivered under the OU name gives you additional assurance regarding quality—that the instructors have been vetted and industry mandated certification requirements are followed.

Official certification two-for-one -Upon passing the exam, for both the WellSHARP or WellCAP certifications, you also receive the Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Awareness Certificates of Completion.

Hotel affiliation -We offer a nearby hotel deal, which is important if you must travel to Norman and need to spend evenings reviewing materials.

One-stop shopping -We now offer three courses, a more complete line-up for your company. Additionally, we are certified on other courses as well (RigPASS, WellSHARP Plus, Safety, etc.), which we can teach at your site upon request.



Avoid missing out on jobs -Every month we receive calls from individuals who have been offered jobs, but must show a current certification they have not yet obtained/renewed. It’s best to not put yourself in that position and plan to certify when you have time.

Schedule around other commitments -You can plan your course at a time convenient to your work or personal schedule. We suggest scheduling a few months out, so if a time conflict arises, you still have a chance to re-schedule and not risk your certification expiring.