Welcoming Deah Caldwell as Future Student Advisor

Welcoming Deah Caldwell as Future Student Advisor

We welcomed another member to its team late last year. In December, Deah Caldwell became the latest addition to the College of Professional and Continuing Studies as the new Future Student Advisor.

At PACS, Deah works as a liaison between Advising, Future Student Services and Records and Registration. She also lends a hand in several local recruiting initiatives. She plans to continue the PACS tradition of helping its students succeed while working for the college and use her diverse academic background to help students choose the liberal studies degree that is right for them.

Deah received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in General History from UCO. Her emphases included feminist history, Middle Eastern history and Oklahoma history. Before joining PACS, she worked closely with Dr. Roksana Alavi as a writer and editor for an administrative leadership textbook with the college. Knowledge of these topics make her a perfect fit for the interdisciplinary nature of PACS and will help her assist students looking to pursue a broad range of education and career options.

“I genuinely enjoy academics, because I believe the knowledge and analytical skills you acquire in college help you to better understand the world around you,” she said. “If you can better understand the world around you, I believe you can become a more conscientious local and global citizen—a direct reflection of the college’s mission of lifelong learning. I originally started working at PACS to help with a textbook for administrative leadership. I fell in love with the energy and comradery the college has to offer, and I’m really happy to be a part of that.”

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