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Hollywood doesn’t always get everything right. They tend to focus on what’s entertaining, what sells tickets, instead of portraying the truth. Fortunately, OU Outreach’s Video and Media Services (VMS) and the Pioneer Library System have teamed up to produce a brand new documentary detailing the true story of the novel and movie True Grit, entitled “The True True Grit.”

Premiering Thursday, March 27, at 6:30 p.m. at the Warren Theatre in Moore and Thursday, April 3 at 6:30 p.m. at Cinema 8 in Shawnee, this film takes viewers through the real story of True Grit. Filmed on location in Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, the documentary details the fictional characters and their real life counterparts. Many times, one character in the book and movies was actually based on several real life people. By watching the documentary, viewers will be able to distinguish between what’s true and what’s merely fictionalization.

“Being able to read a book and then dissect it was very interesting to me,” said Angela Nicholson, producer of “The True, True Grit.” “What we wanted to do was use locations to break apart fact and fiction.”

Nicholson has worked to track down the true story, talking to descendants of real life characters from the book, working with museums, investigating the real life locations and combing through old news clippings.

Moviegoers are encouraged to come to the movie in costume, either as a character from the novel or in their most elaborate Western clothes. There will be a contest for best costume in each category, with a costume parade before the movie and awards after the movie.

This documentary is in conjunction with Pioneer Library’s ongoing The Big Read, which has centered on Charles Portis’ novel True Grit. This year’s Big Read will finish April 12, 2014, with a family fair and Wild West Show in partnership with the Norman 89er Day activities.

For more information on the documentary, click here. To learn more about The Big Read, go to their website.

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James Young

James Young, former student writer