Test Prep Courses Offered in October

PSAT, ACT and MCAT test prep courses are being offered to interested high school and pre-med students next month. Each course will be held on OU’s Norman campus and online registration is available.

High school students wanting to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program or prepare for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) are encouraged to take advantage of a preparatory course being offered on Saturday, October 4. Sponsored by Precollegiate Programs, the PSAT preparation course will familiarize students with the PSAT/NMSQT, which places them in competition for National Merit Scholarships. The SAT is a requirement for admission to many colleges and universities. The registration cost is $95 and includes instruction and course materials. Registration deadline is September 19.

Also available for high school students is the ACT preparation course to be held on October 19 and will explore all sections of the exam including mathematics, English grammar, reading comprehension and scientific reasoning. The course also offers specific strategies for responding to the types of questions asked in each ACT test. The registration cost is $95 and includes instruction and course materials. The next 2014 ACT prep course will be offered on November 22.

OU will host the 2014 MCAT prep course from October 5, 2014, to March 28, 2015. All students applying to medical school are required to take the MCAT exam and students taking this course will be better prepared to sit for that exam. Students will meet 12 times in addition to participating in home study assignments. The MCAT prep course is not only designed to help students understand and learn how to take the MCAT, create and manage a study plan and improve their mental stamina and endurance but will also inform them about major test changes to the 2015 exam. The registration cost is $725 which does not cover the cost of course materials.

For more information about the ACT and PSAT prep courses, visit youth.ou.edu.

For more information about the MCAT prep course, call Ren Freeman at 405-325-5342 or visit https://pacs.ou.edu/mcat-prep/.

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Ashley Brand

Ashley Brand worked as a writer and editor for the college.