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Free and Discounted Software for University of Oklahoma Students

The University of Oklahoma offers access to deeply discounted software to help you stay on top of class assignments without breaking the bank.

The Changing Face of the IT Office

PACS IT Director Bob Dougherty reflects on what it means to work in an IT office now that computers are writing their own code. 

The Shape of Things to Come - Science in the 21st Century

Bob Dougherty reflects on The Next Fifty Years, a book that examines science in the first half of the 21st century.

A Talk With Bob Dougherty

A well-known veteran of the college’s information technology department, Bob Dougherty has been a part of the CLS family for 25 years.

Technology and Healthcare

IT Director Bob Dougherty discusses recent advances in technology and healthcare that could impact the way we view the field.

Battle of the Fitness Bands

Knowing exactly what you want in a fitness tracker will help you narrow your choices when shopping for one.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud promises us infinite accessibility to our files from an almost magical “anywhere,” but the Cloud is hardly that massive server in the sky.

Tech Tips for Travel

Smartphones can help you do more than just navigate. Instructional designer Alayna Grady offers travel tips for making your next trip the best yet.

Video On Demand and Information Technology

Advances in technology are constantly enhancing the learning experience. Video on demand is helping students to better learn and retain information.

The Technology Singularity

IT Director Robert J. Dougherty talks about the Technology Singularity and how it will impact different aspects of our lives.