CLS Student Explores Education Funding and Brain Drain

Keanen McKinley gave two presentations this February as part of the National Education Finance Conference (NEFC) in St. Louis.

Steve Gullberg Inducted to International Astronomical Union

Steve Gullberg, renowned archaeoastronomer and PACS instructor, is being considered for membership in the International Astronomical Union.

Professor Nina Livesey on Jewish-Christian Interpretations

Professor Nina Livesey discusses her past research on early Jewish-Christian relations, their later interpretations and Christian origins.

Steven Gullberg's Lifelong Passion

Steven Gullberg, 2002 MLS graduate, can be found climbing over shrines and crawling through caves while conducting field research in Peru.

Professor Nina Livesey Champions Online Learning

Professor Nina Livesey champions online learning, and discusses her experience on an archeological dig in Israel.

Professor Nina Livesey's Research on Christian Origins

Professor Nina Livesey discusses her current research on Pauline studies and understanding Christian origins.

Museum Studies Alum Publishes Book on JFK Assassination

Stephen Fagin, a graduate of the Museum Studies Program, has recently written a book entitled on the JFK assassination.

CLS Graduate Publishes New Journalism Book

CLS alum Keith Herndon’s newest book, The Decline of the Daily Newspaper, was published in 2012 through Peter Lang Publishing and has been well received.

Race and the Juvenile Justice System

In a study funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Professor Dr. Paul Ketchum examines the impact of race in Oklahoma's Juvenile Justice System.

OU Professor Puts Japan Disasters in Perspective

August marks the five-month anniversary of the earthquake that occurred off the coast of Japan. Professor Elyssa Faison puts the disaster in perspective.