OU Extended Campus Professor to Release Book on Incan Astronomy

A new book by Dr. Steven Gullberg will show how modern archaeoastronomy can interpret elements of Incan civilization.

Class Highlight - Fundamentals of Online Research

Fundamentals of Online Research is a one-credit-hour option that will familiarize you with the various resources available for online research.

PACS Instructor to Head International Archaeoastronomy Research Group

As chair of an IAU working group, Gullberg will work with astronomers from 31 countries to further the global advancement of archaeoastronomy and astronomy.

Professor’s Travels Rally Support for Proposed Archaeoastronomy Degree

Steve Gullberg drummed up support for a new archaeoastronomy and Native American astronomy program while attending the SEAC conference in Spain.

OU Aviation Pilots Participating on Weather Research Team

OU Aviation pilots recently partnered with NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory and the University of Colorado to do cutting edge weather research.

OU Library Services for Online Students

Navigating a virtual library can be daunting. We interviewed PACS' librarian, Cheryl McCain, to get a walk through on how to use OU's online library services.

Faculty Forum - Trust Your Gut: Humans and Bacteria that Live Within Us

Adjunct faculty member Kristin Wade discusses microbiota and their role in the human body.

Steve Gullberg Presents at SEAC

Professor Steven Gullberg attends a conference of the Société Européenne Pour L’Astronomie Dans La Culture (SEAC).

Planet Nine

A distant planet could be orbiting the Sun with a mass more than 10 times the mass of the Earth.

Adjunct Instructor Mary Looman Publishes Book on Prison Culture

Adjunct instructor Mary D. Looman co-authored a book that proposes a paradigm shift in the way American society views mass incarceration.