What Can You Do with a Liberal Studies Degree?

What you gain from a liberal studies degree is more marketable than you might realize.

Program Highlight - Healthcare Degrees

The modern healthcare system requires a highly skilled workforce. PACS is proud to answer the call for training with a variety of healthcare degrees.

Liberal Studies - A Civil Society

A liberal studies degree is a way for people who are passionate about the world—not just one aspect of it—to synthesize what they learn and put it to use.

Program Highlight - Administrative Leadership

The Administrative Leadership program helps today's professionals become ethical, efficient and effective leaders.

Museum Studies - New Ways to Explore the Past

The Museum Studies program is a way for museum professionals to gain knowledge and skills necessary for a rapidly changing field.

Lifespan Care Administration

In spring 2014, CLS began enrollment for the Lifespan Care Administration program to offer a comprehensive education for caregiving occupations and careers.

Criminal Justice at the University of Oklahoma

Criminal justice professionals today must be polished community-builders, communicators, analytic thinkers, problem solvers, and public relations experts.